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The Best Country Comfort Quotes on Netflix

Have you seen Country Comfort on Netflix? This adorable show starring Katharine McPhee and Eddie Cibrian is good ‘ol country comfort food. Check out the best Country Comfort quotes from Bailey, Beau, Chloe, Tuck, Cassidy, and more. 

Bailey Quotes from Country Comfort

Best Quotes from Country Comfort on Netflix

Katharine McPhee plays Bailey, an aspiring country singer, who finds the band she’s been missing when she takes a job as a nanny for a musically talented family, a rugged cowboy (Eddie Cibrian) and his five children.

The soundtrack is just as good as the quotes! Did I miss any of your favorite quotes from Country Comfort? Drop them in the comments below.

You forgot where you live? Did you check the tag on your backpack? -Chloe

Never date a musician. -Bailey

She’s straight up Mary Poppins, bro. I think nanny #10 is a winner. -Tuck

10 nannies? What’s wrong with y’all? -Bailey

Why does our whole family have to live by her rules? -Tuck

Y’all know cotton shrinks? What’s that about? -Tuck

It’s 2021, women can have it all. -Chloe

I’m too pretty to go to jail. -Brody

Wait, you’re just gonna leave me here lookin like a Chewbacca? -Chloe

Oh sweet mercy. -Brody

Of course I’m googling it. I’m a cowboy. I know cowboy things. -Beau

Like Elvis I believe in a little less conversation. -Cassidy

It’s a whole Dawson’s Creek situation. -Bailey

Country Comfort Netflix Quotes

I can’t just snap my fingers and be ugly.  -Tuck

Whose more of a nobody than me? -Bailey
Nobody. -Dylan

Sounds like Summer’s craving the dockin’ more than the rockin’. -Bailey

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