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20 Best Behind Her Eyes Quotes on Netflix

Have you seen Behind Her Eyes on Netflix? It’s insanity and takes you on a wild ride. Here are 20 of the best quotes from Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes from characters Adele, Louise, David, Rob, and more. 

Behind Her Eyes Quotes Netflix

Best Behind Her Eyes Quotes

Admittedly the quotes from the book Behind Her Eyes are better, but there are some crazy quotes from the Netflix series, too. 

Louise is a single mom who has an affair with David, her boss. David’s wife, Adele, and Louise have a meet-cute, and are unlikely friends. However, Adele is mysterious and appears crazy. The twists and turns get bumpy and definitely banana pants. These are some of my favorite Behind Her Eyes quotes on Netflix.

Did I miss any of your favorites? Drop them in the comments below. Also check out this Behind Her Eyes Parents Guide to see age recommendations.

Adele Quotes Behind Her Eyes

Everyone has secrets.

I want this to work. New job. New start.

Our special secret.

Suburban bliss. Honestly, the simple things are comforting. 

You can never know everything about a person.

I’d probably have done the same, to be fair.

I guess you can get away with that mysterious act when you look like you. 

I shouldn’t have done what I did.

You’re the girl who paints fires.

You’re the boy who sleepwalks. 

Hate’s a very powerful word.

Behind Her Eyes Louise Quotes

Nobody should make themselves miserable just to suit someone else. 

I wanted an excuse to make myself feel better.

You can’t have me all to yourself forever.

You can trust people.

So much of our lives are actually shaped by other people’s choices.

You look like a lunatic from where I’m standing.

His only crime was trying to protect me.

The world’s our octopus now. It’s just us.

He asked me if it was possible to know everything about somebody and still be blind to who they really are.

Behind Her Eyes Netflix

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