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Is Behind Her Eyes Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Behind Her Eyes on Netflix is ok for kids? Behind Her Eyes is rated TV-MA for language, nudity, and drug use. By the end I was like what the heck just happened here? If you enjoy twists and WTF moments, then Behind Her Eyes may be for you, but it’s not kids friendly. Here’s what parents need to know in this Behind Her Eyes Parents Guide.

Behind Her Eyes Parents Guide

Behind Her Eyes Parents Guide

Louise (Simona Brown) is a single mother who is attracted to her handsome psychiatrist boss, David (Tom Bateman). Wanting a more exciting life, she engages in an affair with him and enters a world of twisted mind games, including with David’s mysterious wife, Adele (Eve Hewson). 

This 6-episode Netflix series is based on the book Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough which also had a marketing plan including “Don’t trust this book” warnings, so you know twists were to be expected. Do these twists sometimes go off the rails? Yes, they do.  

Parents need to know Behind Her Eyes contains sex scenes, nudity, and harsh language. 


Behind Her Eyes contains contains all the words like bit-h, a–, sh-t, fu–, damn, bastard, and sexual words like tits, twat, and c–k. Slut is painted on a wall. There are also words of Deity used. 

Mature Content

Two characters engage in an affair. 

You see several graphic sex scenes including nudity like bare behinds, bare backs, carefully positioned body parts to cover up genitals. There is a lot of moaning, thrusting, and sex from behind. The camera angles also intensify them. However, some aren’t sexy at all. 

Characters drink alcohol and use pills and drugs including heroin.

Since this is more psychological scary, there isn’t a ton of outward violence, but there are suspenseful and scary moments like a house fire and wondering when someone is going to snap. Some characters die.

Behind Her Eyes TV-MA Rating

Is Behind Her Eyes Appropriate for Kids Under 16?

I wouldn’t recommend Behind Her Eyes for teens, personally, but this is going to have to be a parent’s call. Is the nudity Bridgerton level? No, but they are drawn out sometimes. And with the camera angles from above, from the back, from the side, they’re catching everything. 

Also at the beginning of the series, there’s an air of, hey, our lives are boring, let’s find some excitement by doing things we’re not supposed to. Because drinking and having affairs is sexy and dangerous. That certainly isn’t the focus of the story, but sometimes it’s hard for young minds to distinguish the difference. 

Behind Her Eyes is crazy, in the best sense of the word. Is the ending ludicrous? Sure. Are the sex scenes unnecessary? Yes. But there is something to be said for the ridiculous ride audiences will go on. Trying to really explain the plot is difficult without spoiling the twists, so this is one where you’ll have to take a chance on if you’re ok with the content described above. 

This is a film of guessing who’s the good guy or the bad guy here with every look, frame, and smile. Eve Hewson is especially good at making you wonder what’s under that evil black bob she sports.

Is Behind Her Eyes worth the watch? For me, no, but I’m also not into erotic thrillers. There’s something sinister and evil about Behind Her Eyes, and if you want that bone-chilling feel, give it a chance. 

Is Behind Her Eyes on Netflix ok for kids?



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