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BEEF Parents Guide on Netflix: Is it OK for Teens?

Wondering if BEEF is ok for kids and teens? Beef is rated TV-MA and for good reason. A story about escalating road rage and revenge, this one is not kid friendly. Full of mature themes including violence and nudity, here’s what parents need to know in this Beef Parents Guide.

Beef Parents Guide Netflix

Beef on Netflix Parents Guide

Beef introduces us to two strangers who seemingly live very different lives. Danny Cho (Steven Yeun) is a failing contractor with a chip on his shoulder. After trying to return some items to a store and failing, he runs into Amy Lau (Ali Wong), a self-made entrepreneur with a picturesque life. 

Danny is trying to back out of a parking space and Amy honks her horn at him and gives him the middle finger. Enraged, he chases after her in his car, but she ends up being the one scaring him. After taking down her license plate number, a whole series of revenge acts take place. The increasing stakes of their feud start to unravel their lives and relationships, or rather reveal that maybe they’re not that different over all. 

Age Rating: Why is Beef Rated TV-MA?

Netflix’s BEEF is rated TV-MA for language, sex, substances, and violence which means some content is not suitable for kids under 17. 

Language in Beef

There is a lot of profanity in Beef including many uses of a**, sh*t, f*ck, motherf*cker, bi*ch, damn, and words of Deity like g-ddamn. There are also crude sexual words used like c*ck, pu**y, d*ck, tits, and more.

Mature Content: Is Beef OK for Teens?

Parents need to be aware that there is a lot of mature content in Beef.  There are sex scenes including some frontal nudity. There are also scenes of masturbation and oral sex.

Violence is prevalent including scenes of road rage, use of weapons, shootings, death, and a character being killed by a door.

There is also use of alcohol and drugs.

Other mature topics include depression, criminal activity, extramarital affairs, revenge, catfishing, and anger management issues.

Netflix Beef Age Rating

Is Beef Appropriate for Kids Under 17?

Beef is intended for mature audiences only. You can expect drug and alcohol use, violence, nudity, sex, and the use of profanity by many characters. To sum it up, Beef is not kid friendly for kids under 16 years old. 

While Beef includes important messages, including a mirroring of the society we live in, the content is not appropriate for most tweens and teens. 

Beef is a bit over-the-top for me. Its unpredictability will be a turn off for some, and a wild, enjoyable ride for others. This show is crazy, y’all. The acting is superb, and this story of two broken people who are at their limits really showcase Yeun and Wong. However, as an avid movie-goer, I also don’t need the debauchery, language, or sex to bring home a point, but that’s a personal preference.

Beef really does cause you to question just how far you’ll go for revenge, especially when you’re in a bad place mentally and emotionally. And sometimes maybe all you need is someone to listen or to burn the place down with you. 

Beef kid friendly

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