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Is GHOSTED (2023) Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if GHOSTED on AppleTV+ is ok for kids? Rated PG-13, this spy movie meets rom-com has its fun moments, but for all its star power, it’s a bit of a let-down. This Ghosted Parents Guide includes a breakdown of language, action, and sexual content. 

Ghosted Parents Guide

Ghosted Parents Guide

Chris Evans plays Cole, a farmer, who lives with his parents and helps them out on the farm. He meets Sadie (Ana de Armas) at a Farmers Market and initially they don’t hit it off, but they end up having an incredible day and night together. When Cole gets clingy and texts her 11 times in 2 days, she ghosts him with no response to any of his texts. His family encourages him to go after her and he surprises her in London. 

Cole is the one who gets the surprise when he is kidnapped and finds out Sadie is really a CIA agent. Confused for a deadly spy called The Taxman, Cole gets dragged through Sadie’s mission and one mishap after another. Cole isn’t sure whether Sadie is trying to save his life or get him killed. He doesn’t know if he’ll make it out of this one alive, but if he does, he never wants to see Sadie again, and the feeling is mutual. 

Age Rating: Why is Ghosted Rated PG-13?

Ghosted is rated PG-13 for strong violence/action, language, and some sexual content which means some material may not be suitable for kids under 13.

Language in Ghosted

There is strong language in Ghosted including uses of bi*ch, sh*t, , a**, damn, bastard, bullsh*t, and one use of f*cking. There are also uses of Deity including “oh my g-d” and g-ddamn.

Violence: Is Ghosted Too Scary for Kids?

Ghosted is an action movie, so there is fighting and violence, but not any more than a Marvel movie. Parents should know that there are a lot of scenes with gun violence, including deaths of many characters. Sadie is a CIA agent and must kill others to save people.

There is a lot of hand-to-hand combat and uses of other weapons like knives. Some characters die by flying off vehicles, getting shot, getting pushed off planes and buses, getting hit by cars, etc. One tense scene includes a character getting eaten by killer insects. 

Mature Content: Is Ghosted OK for Teens?

While there is no explicit nudity in Ghosted, there are sexual scenes and talk of sex. Characters kiss and later end up in bed together with a scene under the sheets. There are some close-up shots of body parts, but no boobs or butts. 

Cole and his family are open about talking about sex. One character makes a motion of masturbation with his hand. Characters tell a couple to “get a room” several times throughout the film.

A character mentions getting high and offers edibles to another.

Ghosted Age Rating AppleTV+

Is Ghosted Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

In Ghosted on AppleTV+, you can expect violence, fighting, some blood, sexual situations and conversations, and profanity used by some characters. To sum it up, Ghosted is kid friendly for ages 13 and older. With a runtime of almost 2 hours, I don’t know that younger kids will be interested in the subject material. 

Yes, Ghosted is predictable. Yes, the tone is all over the place. And no, the story doesn’t make a whole of of sense. But I’d be willing to forgive all of that if Evans and de Armas could have made me believe their romance worked. Or, yeah, if Evans was believable as a guy who needed saving. 

Nobody roots more for a Chris Evans movie than me. #1 fan over here. But how am I supposed to believe that this hunky guy who is obviously built, needs an inhaler after some work on the farm, but can also hold his own against bounty hunters and arms dealers? I’m not mad at the premise; I like the role reversal of girl saves guy and is the bada**. But they needed someone a little nerdier and less attractive for me to buy what they were selling. 

Evans is adorable as cheesy, slightly creepy Cole. And de Armas is stunningly beautiful and powerful as CIA agent Sadie who says she isn’t afraid of anything but also doesn’t want to die alone. For some reason the scenes where Sadie and Cole weren’t arguing were just awkward. Evans and de Armas are two very sexy people but together they were not giving off sexy vibes. The chemistry just wasn’t there.

But still as the movie went on, I started to enjoy myself. Was I partially persuaded by cameos? 100%. 

If you lean into some of the ridiculousness and quirkiness of the film, Ghosted works as a fun date night at home movie. Some parts may be a little cringey, but is cute cringey a thing? 

Ghosted Ok for kids