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Is Artemis Fowl Kid Friendly on Disney Plus? | Parents Guide

Artemis Fowl is now playing on Disney+, but is Artemis Fowl kid friendly? Rated PG for fantasy peril and rude humor, Artemis Fowl is a kid’s sci-fi flick. There are some scary scenes to watch out for, but overall Artemis Fowl is ok for kids. Now is it any good? That’s another story. 

Is Artemis Fowl Kid Friendly?

Artemis Fowl Parents Guide

If you’ve read the books Artemis Fowl, be prepared to be disappointed. The story has been Disney-ed down. And as a parent, I don’t mind wholesome, family friendly movies, in fact, I welcome them. However, this would have worked better if they had written an original screenplay rather than make it based on the books where Artemis Fowl is a villain in the first book of the series. 

Artemis Fowl was originally scheduled to open in theaters, but with different problems plaguing it over the years and an already pushed back release date, Walt Disney Studios decided to release it on Disney+. It’s probably better that way.

If you know nothing about the books, then Artemis Fowl could be an absolutely acceptable form of entertainment. Let’s discuss just how kid friendly it is in this Artemis Fowl Parents Guide.

Artemis Fowl Family Friendly Review


There is no bad language except for when a character tells another to “get the four-leaf clover out of here.” Another says, “You spy or you die.”

Scary Scenes and Mature Content

There are a few scenes that some young kids may not like with some fighting and use of sci-fi weapons. Also, one character is presumed dead and could be hard for kids sensitive to death. 

There are a couple of scary scenes with a giant troll that harms people, smashes through things, and tries to kill other characters. Some are in peril, but there is no bloodshed. 

Mulch Diggums is a character that digs with his mouth and dirt comes out of his rear end. So there’s one quick glimpse of that.

Is Artemis Fowl Appropriate for Kids Under 8?

I’d recommend Artemis Fowl for kids ages 8 and up. Younger kids could also join in, especially from the comfort of your home, but it may be hard to follow in some instances. I was confused many times.

I felt like I was watching two different films. At the beginning Artemis starts off as a snotty, mouthy genius who thinks he knows it all. And Josh Gad as Mulch Diggums is the narrator in a Batman-like voice. However, then they both quickly change. And I’m left wondering what happened. 

Artemis Fowl Parents Guide

I wanted this to be a good Disney Villain story with a character you hate to love, but you can’t help it anyway. This wasn’t it.

The differences between the film and the books are just too great to overlook. They basically turned Holly Short into Tinker Bell. It’s not that she isn’t likable, because she is, they just didn’t develop her into anything. In fact, none of the characters got the development they deserved. 

Were the reshoots the problem? Was it the script? I don’t know. Nothing ever felt consistent. 

For Disney+, it’s fine. Many kids will enjoy the the humor of Mulch Diggums, the underground fairy world, the sci-fi action, and the mystery of Artemis trying to find his father. It’s too much in a short amount of time to really make it great, but overall, Artemis Fowl is family friendly and entertaining for the kiddos. 

A good starter sci-fi film for kids who don’t know anything about the books. But you’re better off reading the books.


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