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Where to Find the M3GANS at Halloween Horror Nights

If you’ve been to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando this year, then you know one of the most popular things to see is the group of M3GANS dancing. They also are available to take photos after their performance, but you have to be quick. Where can you find the M3GANS? That’s Halloween Horror Nights’ greatest mystery.

Where to Find Megans at Halloween Horror Nights

Where Can You Find the M3GANS at Halloween Horror Nights?

The M3GANS (or Megans) can usually be found in 2 places during Halloween Horror Nights around the lagoon and an extra bonus spot.

  • In front of the Chucky house
  • By Mel’s Drive-In
  • Near Fast & The Furious – Supercharged

Times for the Megans are not set and can be random. This is what makes finding them so difficult.

Here are some common times guests have reported seeing them. Again these are not guaranteed.

Between 7:30 – 8:00 p.m. by Mel’s and between 11:15 p.m. and midnight by Fast & The Furious are two semi-common times to see the M3GANS. Because they are so popular, I think Universal wants to keep people guessing. It is a fun show lasting less than 3 minutes. 

After the M3GANS finish dancing you can get in a line to take your picture with them. However only one picture is allowed per party.

Megans Halloween Horror Nights

Good luck finding them! 

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