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Columbus Day Memes 2023

Columbus Day is being replaced by Indigenous Peoples’ Day in many places. What once was a holiday to commemorate Christopher Columbus landing in the Americas in 1492 has now turned to celebrate Indigenous People instead of the violent colonization of the Western Hemisphere. Depends on who you ask. But some of these Columbus Day memes burn Christopher Columbus hard.

Columbus Day Memes

We give a lot of credit to Christopher Columbus in discovering America, for “revealing” the world wasn’t flat and all that. And the people aren’t happy about it. Well like I said, it depends on who you ask. Like everything else American, people are on opposite sides of the Columbus coin. 

Some of these Columbus Day memes may give you a chuckle though.

Sorry, the results are in.

Columbus Day Meme 2022

Credit: Reddit

So does Columbus really deserve the credit?

Funny Columbus Day Memes


Columbus Day Meme

Credit: Pinterest

Oof. Not a good look.

Some say steal, others discover.

Christopher Columbus Memes

Ouch, comparing Columbus to Thanos is brutal. 

Columbus Day Thanos Meme

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