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Is We Have a Ghost Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if We Have a Ghost on Netflix is ok for kids? This dramedy about a friendly-ish ghost has trouble figuring out what kind of movie it wants to be, but it has a feel-good vibe. Here’s what parents need to know in this We Have a Ghost Parents Guide. 

We Have a Ghost Parents Guide

We Have a Ghost Parents Guide

Kevin (Jahi Di’Allo Winston) and his family are constantly moving, and this time Kevin stumbles upon a ghost named Ernest (David Harbour) living in their house. Their dad, Frank (Anthony Mackie) sees it as an opportunity to make money and become an overnight social media sensation. But when Kevin and Ernest go rogue to investigate the mystery of Ernest’s past, they become a target of the CIA.

Age Rating: Why is We Have a Ghost Rated PG-13?

We Have a Ghost is Rated PG-13 for language, violence, and suggestive references which means some content is not suitable for kids under 13.


There is some pretty strong language including uses of sh*t, bullsh*t, a**hole, dumba**, bi*ch, and hell. There are also uses of Deity including g-ddamn. 

Violence: Is We Have a Ghost Too Scary for Kids? 

There are some scary moments that may be too much for kids in We Have a Ghost like when Ernest tries to scare people and skin starts peeling off his face. For tweens and teens it won’t be scary as it’s meant to have some comedic effect. There are a couple of jump scares, but overall nothing over-the-top frightening. 

Police and the CIA are after some characters and chase them. They use guns to threaten teens. Characters are in danger and Ernest is in trouble. A character shoots at others. A man is pushed out of a window and dies.

Mature Content: Is We Have a Ghost Kid Friendly?

There are some sexual references and comments that involve phrases like a teen saying he’s “getting laid.” A character asks another not to dry hump her. They also refer to strippers and boners.

Two characters sleep in a bed together, but nothing sexual happens.

There is some flirtation and a kiss between two characters.

Some mature themes include complicated father/son relationships as well as dark secrets and murder.

We Have a Ghost Kid Friendly

Is We Have a Ghost Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

In We Have a Ghost you can expect some violence, mature themes, and profanity used by some of the characters. To sum it up, We Have a Ghost is kid friendly for ages 12 and up. I don’t think younger kids would necessarily be interested in the content.

There are parts that work, and parts that don’t. Tonally, the film is all over the place. David Harbour never speaks a word, but he’s the best part of the movie. You fall in love with Ernest, just as the world does in the movie.

The movie was silly and goofy, but not silly enough. But all hail Jennifer Coolidge for her small role. Is it a family movie? Well it could have been, but then they threw in random sexual terms and language that was unnecessary, but it’s also not edgy enough to appeal to the teen crowd. 

We Have a Ghost had potential, and like I said, there are some great parts, but the sum of the parts was disorganized. Overall, it’s worth a watch and has a heartwarming story. 

We Have a Ghost Age Rating

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