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Is We Can Be Heroes Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if We Can Be Heroes on Netflix is ok for kids? We Can Be Heroes is rated PG for mild action and violence. Is it kid friendly? There are some scary situations for little kids, but overall We Can Be Heroes is a fun family movie. Here’s what parents need to know in this We Can Be Heroes Parents Guide.

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Is We Can Be Heroes Kid Friendly?

When Earth’s best superheroes are kidnapped by aliens, their kids that have super powers must form a plan to save them and Earth.  We Can Be Heroes is funny, teaches about teamwork, and stars many familiar faces with Sharkboy, Lava Girl, Pedro Pascal, and Priyanka Chopra.

Sure some parts are cheesy, but those are the best kinds of movies to watch with kids. Some scenes may scare kids, but overall the monsters aren’t too bad.


There is no profanity in We Can Be Heroes, but there are words like stupid, dumb, and butts. There is also a use of “oh my g-d.”


Some scary moments include super heroes getting kidnapped while their kids watch. This makes for some sad moments.

Also some humans turn into aliens. There are monsters that try to harm kids.

There is no blood or gore.

There is some fighting including punching and kicking. 

We Can Be Heroes Kid Friendly


Is We Can Be Heroes Appropriate for Kids Under 8?

We Can Be Heroes is a great superhero movie for those kids too young for Marvel movies. I would recommend it for kids 8 and older. There’s some action, but not too much. There’s dangerous situations, but not too much. The emotional scenes don’t go overboard. 

Now is it any good? There are certainly better films out there, but the ensemble cast of children makes it fun for kids. The adult parents are kind of wasted in the background, as we all know what Pedro Pascal is capable of, so I wish they would have been utilized more. 

But family films you can watch together are rare these days, so We Can Be Heroes is worth a Netflix watch.

We Can Be Heroes Parents Guide

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