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The Craziest Tiny Pretty Things Quotes on Netflix

Have you seen Tiny Pretty Things on Netflix? This show is kind of bonkers. People are pushing people off of buildings, stabbing each other in the back, lying, doing all kinds of crazy things. Here are some of the craziest Tiny Pretty Things quotes from characters Neveah, Bette, Cassie, Shane, Oren, Nabil and more!

Tiny Pretty Things Quotes

Best Quotes from Tiny Pretty Things

Tiny Pretty Things follows the world of an elite ballet academy, and charts the rise and fall of young adults who live far from their homes, each standing on the verge of greatness or ruin. The show starts with a dancer falling off a building and the drama keeps building from there. 

I don’t know that I would classify these as the best quotes from Tiny Pretty Things, because some of them are awful, but they stand out, while some make you think. This ballet drama teeters on insanity. Did I miss any of your favorite quotes? Drop them in the comments below.

The power to fly, that’s what you dream of. -Cassie

There’s no better feeling. The truth is you only fly for a second or two before gravity takes back what you tried to steal.
Because no matter how hard you work, how strong you are, or how thin you get, gravity always, always wins. -Cassie

Misstep? She fell four stories.

Of course for any dancer, the higher you fly, the more bone-shattering the landing that inevitable arrives. -Cassie

You have to be quick on your feet to adapt and deal with the unexpected. And in time you learn two tricks that help you survive when there’s trouble in the spotlight.
First, you never lose your smile.
And second, you make damn sure you distract them with something else to look at.  -Cassie

Basically just act like I’m watching everything, because I am.

Everyone’s got their place. -Oren

You’re in the sticks, darling. -Shane

Wow, he’s amazing. -Neveah
Yeah, if you’re hot for psychos. -Shane

Did she just call me a… -Neveah
A rat? Yup. But like everything in ballet, it sounds better in French.  A little rat’s a dancer who’s young, pretty, poor, and hella strong. -Shane

Neveah Quotes Tiny Pretty Things

You don’t belong here. -Caleb

Always something hurts. Somewhere on your body, there’s pain, an ache that comes from pushing beyond what any person was ever meant to do. -Cassie

I got up in here fair and square and you best believe I’m coming for you. -Neveah

Ballet is no place for redemption. 

There’s a price you pay learning to fly. They steal your childhood, your family…leave you only with friends who hope every day that your Achilles will snap, and they never let you grow up. -Cassie

You just need a little extra zhuzh. -June

If you need someone else to say you are a good dancer, you aren’t. -Nabil

We live in a dark twisted world full of loss, lies, and brutality. -Ramon

You push these dancers’ bodies to the limit. Why coddle their psyches? -Ramon

When was the last time you saw me eat bread? -Mrs. Whitlaw

I just need a mom right now. -Bette
Of course you do. But this is a situation where I need to put on my own air mask before I can help you. -Mrs. Whitlaw

There is no better way to torture your enemies than with your own perfection. -Neveah

Shocking quotes from Tiny Pretty Things

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