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Is Thunder Force Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Thunder Force on Netflix is ok for kids? Thunder Force is rated PG-13 for language, violence, and mature content. Is Thunder Force kid friendly? It can be crude. Here’s what parents need to know in this Thunder Force Parents Guide.

Thunder Force Parents Guide

Is Thunder Force Kid Friendly?

Childhood friends Lydia (Melissa McCarthy) and Emily (Octavia Spencer) have a falling out in high school, but later reunite when booksmart Emily makes a formula to turn regular people into superheroes. Wanting to avenge her parents’ death, Emily wants to take down the Miscreants who killed them. Lydia accidentally takes the formula and now the two must work together to help save the world. 

Why is Thunder Force rated PG-13? Mostly for language and action. Parents should know this this is typical Melissa McCathy humor – a bit bizarre and crude. If you’re into that, then Thunder Force is generally ok for older kids and teens. Here’s what parents need to know about Thunder Force.


There is typical PG-13 language in Thunder Force including many uses of sh*t, a**, kick-a**, damn, bit*h, and hell. Also characters mouth what the f*ck and mother f**ker.  There are some crude terms like balls and tatas.

Mature Content

You can expect typical superhero violence including people dying, people being lasered, fighting, things being blown up, characters in danger, etc. There is gun violence and some people are electrocuted and fall off tall buildings. You’ll find more violence in a Marvel movie and shows like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

A character licks another’s crab arms. (What? I know, weirdest sentence ever.)

There are some disgusting gags that involve raw chicken and vomiting. There is also sexual innuendo, but no nudity.

Is Thunder Force kid friendly?

Is Thunder Force Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

Thunder Force’s PG-13 rating is accurate. You could probably go a little younger, but honestly, I think kids would be bored. I applaud an effort for the whole “anyone can be superheroes” mentality. Middle-aged women tryin to stop evil-doers can be funny, but sometimes the jokes fall flat, and they try too hard to get laughs. 

If you have nothing else to do on the weekend, then sure, give Thunder Force a watch, but don’t expect too much from it.

Why is Thunder Force Rated PG-13?


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