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Marvel’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Goes Deep

According to Kevin Feige, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is Marvel’s opportunity “to go deep.” And it really does. The first episode starts off with intense action right from the get-go, but it also starts to explore a post-snap or post-blip world with PTSD, and emotional and financial fallout from the snap. This is also our opportunity to get to know James “Bucky” Barnes and Sam Wilson better. 

Bucky PTSD The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

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Feige assures that although The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is on Disney+, that doesn’t mean it’s not gonna be as big as it possibly could be as a movie and that they put in blood, sweat, and tears. Over the course of the 6-episode series we’ll learn more about who the heck they are and dig deeper into their lives. Director Kari Skogland said they had to look at all the different ways that they could be more intimate with these characters so we could get to know them better.

Head Writer Malcolm Spellman said that there was a moment in Captain America: Civil War when every Marvel fan knew that Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan could support a movie or franchise within this buddy-cop genre. “You can go from as gritty as 48 hours or as comedic as Rush Hour, but in between there is sorta that first Lethal Weapon and that first Bad Boys.” Then it allows Mackie and Stan to do what they do and create that magic, while also leaving room for real issues – like therapy and PTSD.

According to Sebastian Stan since both Sam and Bucky were soldiers, there is an honor code between them, and that’s what brings them together. And PTSD is not just something you’re done with. It’s fun for Marvel to be able to explore the flaws in these characters and the repercussions of the emotional trauma these characters have suffered years down the line. It’s also this exploration that makes The Falcon and The Winter Soldier less kid friendly than other Marvel movies.

In Avengers: Endgame, Captain America gave his shield to Sam, but will he take it? It’s a mantle and big responsibility, and it comes with a lot of pressure. Anthony Mackie even mentioned the pressure to not have this be the “first crappy Marvel project. Our job was to take the torch and not make a bad show. And, I’m very happy to say that Steve Rogers will be proud that our show does not suck.”

And how has Bucky’s and Sam’s love/hate bromance changed since Steve’s gone? Sebastian Stan says it hasn’t. It’s only gone further divide. But they are in similar places, yes and no, with the demons they’re facing and questions they’re asking.

These two characters are fantastic, and you can see more of Sam and Bucky in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, now streaming on Disney+. 

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