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Is Operation Christmas Drop Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Operation Christmas Drop is ok for kids? Operation Christmas Drop on Netflix is the newest holiday film to drop on the streaming platform, and it’s that heartwarming Christmas cheer we need right now. Is Operation Christmas Drop kid friendly? Rated TV-G for language, there is nothing inappropriate for children, though TV-PG would have been a better rating. Here’s what parents need to know in this Operation Christmas Drop Parents Guide.

Operation Christmas Drop Parents Guide

Is Operation Christmas Drop Kid Friendly?

Congressional aide Erica Miller (Kat Graham) lands at a beachside Air Force base in Guam, where her boss wants her to write a report to have the base closed. While there she clashes with Capt. Andrew Jantz (Alexander Ludwig) over his project Operation: Christmas Drop. Erica isn’t really feeling the Christmas spirit and really needs to impress her boss so she can get a promotion, but closing the base will result in lost jobs for many people.

Operation Christmas Drop is like your typical Hallmark movie except instead of a charming Southern town in the winter, you get Christmas on the islands with sun and snorkeling. There are some mature topics that may not be for kids, but overall, it’s pretty kid friendly.


There was one use of damn.

Mature Content

Everything was pretty G-rated in Operation Christmas Drop. The reason why I would have likely rated it TV-PG is because there are sensitive topics like troops being away from home on Christmas, children without access to internet and schooling, death of a family member, and topics like dating and love. There is one kiss.

Is Operation Christmas Drop on Netflix kid friendly?

Is Operation Christmas Drop Appropriate for Kids Under 10?

If your kids are used to watching the Hallmark Channel with you, then they’ll be good to go for Operation Christmas Drop. I would recommend it for kids ages 10 and over. Younger ones may just be bored.

Operation Christmas Drop also highlights the humanitarian efforts made by the military in the actual Christmas Drop done for years and years. And it helps us appreciate the sacrifices they make being away from family.

Yes, the film is predictable, the formula is standard, and yes, sometimes the holiday notions are forced, but the supporting characters bring laughs and holiday spirit. It’s entertaining and enjoyable. 

Often talking about the meaning of Christmas, Operation Christmas Drop is well-intentioned and made me smile. It may just help all the Grinch-like hearts out there. However, if you’re looking for something inappropriate and adult, then maybe Holidate is more your speed.

Operation Christmas Drop Parent Movie Review

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