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The Funniest October 31st vs November 1st Memes

I know the Christmas people have already started celebrating in July. But for those who are a little more patient, these funny October 31st versus November 1st memes will have you flipping the switch from Halloween to Christmas as soon as that candy hits the bag.

The Best October 31 vs November 1st Memes

From passing out candy to hearing those sleigh bells ringing, these hilarious October 31st vs November 1st memes will put you in the Christmas spirit. These memes showing the Halloween to Christmas switch are hilarious! Deck the halls!

Enjoy those 2023 Halloween memes while they last, because pretty soon we’re flipping the switch on November 1st.

All I Want For November

You don’t have much time before Mariah Carey starts busting out, “Ohhhhh, I don’t want a lot for Christmas…”

Mariah Carey November 1st Meme


November 1st Christmas Meme

Hocus Pocus to the Grinch

They both smell children.

Halloween to Christmas Meme

Credit: Freeform

Joey from Friends

Ok, we’ll save one November 1st meme for the Thanksgiving meme people. 

Joey friends Thanksgiving Meme

From Candy to Sleigh Bells

Sorry, kids. Candy’s over and we’re turning from spooky to jolly.

October 31st vs November 1st meme

Team Dwight

Whatever holiday team you’re on, I’m just Team Dwight.

Halloween to Christmas Meme

Jamie Lee Curtis Switch

Yup, I’ll take turtlenecks and sweater vests please.

Funny Oct 31st vs Nov 1st meme

Mean Girls

Whoever made this deserves a prize. Oh Cady. 

Oct 31st vs Nov 1st Meme

New Month, New You

New month, new diet, right? 

November 1st Meme

Two Types of People

Are you a Halloween person or a Christmas person? I feel like The Nightmare Before Christmas taught us you can be both.

October 31 vs November 1st


Me on November 1st

Me on November 1st meme

Merry Holidays!

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