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Is Moon Knight Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Moon Knight is ok for kids? Moon Knight is the latest addition to the MCU lineup, but it’s nothing like you’ve seen from the MCU before.  Moon Knight is a different side of Marvel. Dark, unique, and also all over the place. Some of the risks pay off, while others leave the audience perplexed. Humor offsets some of the darkness, but also very violent for younger kids. Here’s what parents need to know in this Moon Knight Parents Guide.

Moon Knight Too Scary For Kids

Moon Knight Parents Guide

When Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), a mild-mannered, somewhat goofy and socially awkward gift-shop employee, becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of another life, he discovers he has dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector. As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge upon them, especially Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), they must navigate their complex identities while thrust into a deadly mystery among the powerful gods of Egypt. While Harrow proves to be a worthy adversary, he believes himself to be the hero, making this story even more complex.

Why is Moon Knight rated TV-14?

Moon Knight is rated TV-14 for violence, language, and darker content which means some material is not suitable for kids under 14. Parents need to know that Moon Knight is probably the least kid-friendly Marvel TV show, except for the older ones from Netflix. 


There is some profanity in Moon Knight including words like a**, sh*t, and some British words like bloody and bollucks. There are also words of Deity used. It’s not too over the top.

Mature Content

Parents should probably be concerned most with the violence and dark tones used in the show. When Steven is Marc and uses “the suit” he can kill swiftly, so there are a lot of dead bodies and a lot of blood left in his path. There are also bloody hands shown, fighting with knives and weapons, punches, stabbings, gross and scary creatures, and killing things with a flare to the eye. 

Apart from the violence, Moon Knight introduces a horror element that makes the show darker and the score (while beautiful), also makes it incredibly creepy.

A character is seen shirtless and in his underwear (non-sexual). 

Moon Knight deals with mental illness and can be confusing, but it opens the door for good conversation with kids and teens.

Is Moon Knight Too Scary For Kids?

Moon Knight has many dark, horror elements that may be too scary for kids. Some scenes can be gory. This is not your typical PG-13 MCU. However, for teens, especially those who watch scary movies, they should be fine. 

Moon Knight Parents Guide

Is Moon Knight Appropriate for Kids Under 14?

Moon Knight takes a lot of risks and some pay off, while others don’t. If you’ve been wanting something different from the MCU, then Moon Knight may be it for you. For most kids or kids who don’t read comics, this may not be the series for them. 

Moon Knight was introduced in comics in 1975 and then his own series in 1980, but many non-comic readers won’t be familiar with this character. In Moon Knight, Steven chains himself to his bed at night so as not to wander off, since when he sleeps he appears to travel to different places. 

At first, Steven’s comedy and over-the-top accent were funny and a nice break from the intense moments, but then it got to be distracting after awhile. I did appreciate that it helped me distinguish Steven from Marc when they would switch in and out. By the end of episode 4, I didn’t feel like I knew Marc very well at all, but I was curious to learn more, especially with the way that episode ended. However, in a 6 episode series, I have to wonder how it’s going to wrap up so quickly. 

There was just so much going on, I couldn’t keep up, and the tone of the show jumped around. It felt like a mix of The Mummy, Night at the Museum, and Venom. I enjoy humor in superhero shows, but the interruptions of the storyline were too much. 

Issac and Hawke are both fantastic, making this weird show kinda interesting. Hawke as Arthur Harrow serves an Egyptian god while also judging the townspeople for their future misdeeds. This does not sit well with Steven. But Harrow also believes he is in the right. 

The Moon Knight suit is hot, the Egyptian scenery is gorgeous, and the music is eerie. There’s a lot to appreciate, but wow, there is so much going on. Streaming on Disney+, you can start it to see if it’s worth a watch. It took me 4 episodes to become interested; it just took so long to get there. Don’t expect typical Marvel – which can be good or bad, depending on what you want.

While Moon Knight may not be appropriate for some kids, mature ones can appreciate this psychological thriller with deep Egyptian culture and mythology. Especially the kids smarter than me, because I didn’t get it. 

Moon Knight rated TV-14