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The Juiciest Bridgerton Quotes from Season 2

While Bridgerton Season 2 is not quite as juicy as Season 1, there are still plenty of scandals. Enjoy some of the best quotes from Bridgerton Season 2 from Kate, Lady Danbury, Anthony, Eloise, and more!

Bridgerton Season 2 Quotes

Bridgerton Quotes from Season 2

In Season 2 of Bridgerton, Anthony is looking for a wife and thinks he has found a good match in Edwina Sharma, when she is named the diamond of the season. However, he soon finds that me may be falling in love with her sister, Kate. 

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I yearn for someone fresh, someone unexpected to turn this season on its head. That is what we need. There is no room for indifference. Apathy is a blight the monarchy simply cannot endure. -Queen

A young lady cannot be a diamond until you anoint her as such. -Lady Danbury

Control your emotions. Her majesty does not take kindly to any hint of hysterics. -Phoebe

I do not need feeling. What I need is what I have, and that is a list. Tolerable, dutiful, suitable enough hips for childbearing, and at least half a brain. -Anthony

No matter what, you will always be a diamond to me. -Lady Bridgerton

All the young ladies looked the same. Like young ladies. -Anthony

The season has barely begun and already I feel touched in the head.

The dowager is not half as frightening as she thinks she is. -Kate

He will speak in a manner that only your heart will hear. -Kate

Kate Quotes Bridgerton 2

So many flowers when what I really seek is a gem. -The Queen

Oh I do relish a challenge. -Lady Danbury

Your character is as deficient as your horsemanship. -Kate

Are the young ladies of London truly so easily won by a pleasing smile and absolutely nothing more? -Kate

As you very well know, I always have something to say. -Lady Danbury

I have no interest in being used as a pawn in someone else’s game. 

There is a lesson here for somewhere, Anthony. I only hope that this time you will finally learn it. -Lady Bridgerton

At least it is the men who are making fools of themselves this time. -Kate

Child, you are not me, and if you continue down this road, you most certainly never will be. -Lady Danbury

It is a poor player who plays the game, and a wise one who plays their opponent. -Phoebe

I believe I underestimated you, Miss Sharma. -Anthony
That seems to be the theme of our acquaintance, does it not? -Kate

The world is not exactly welcoming to an unmarried woman. There seems to be no place in society for us, except at the edge of things. -Kate
That rather seems to be society’s flaw, not a woman’s. -Eloise

Why should there be limits to a woman’s ambitions? -Madame Delacriox

Real true love is worth it. Do not lose her, Anthony. You cannot lose her.  -Lady Bridgerton

Just keep looking at me. No one else matters. -Anthony

You are something, Penelope. An insipid wallflower, indeed. -Eloise

I wish never to see or speak to you again. -Eloise

I am sending you away with your favorite person, yourself. -Lady Featherington 

You are cruel. -Jack
I am a mother.-Lady Featherington 

I know I am imperfect, but I will humble myself before you, because I cannot imagine my life without you. -Anthony

It is in silence one must find truth. All one has to do is listen for it. -Penelope

Bridgerton Season 2 Quotes