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50 Magical Pixar Onward Movie Quotes

Fans of Disney Pixar’s Onward, if you seeketh the best Onward movie quotes, you have come to the right tavern, err, website. With star power voices from Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, you know there had to be funny Onward quotes, too! Here are over 50 of my favorite quotes (including spells) from Pixar’s Onward from Ian and Barley Lightfoot, The Manticore, Laurel Lightfoot, and Grecklin.

50 Magical Pixar Onward Movie Quotes

50 Magical Onward Movie Quotes

Learning about how Pixar put the magic in Onward was fascinating and really gave insight to this modern world of New Mushroomton. There used to be magic in this world until it was gone and people chose to rely on modern conveniences. 

In Pixar’s Onward, brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot go on a quest to complete a spell to bring back their father for one day. Amongst these adventures are magic spells, heartwarming quotes, funny quotes, and sad quotes. They’re definitely relatable. Enjoy these Pixar Onward quotes, but if you haven’t seen the movie yet, I would wait to read them all, because there are some mild spoilers. Barley Lightfoot really has some great one-liners. 

Long ago the world was full of wonder. It was adventurous, exciting, and full of magic. And that magic helped all in need. -Wilden Lightfoot

But I hope there is a little magic left in you. -Wilden Lightfoot

My little chubby cheeks is all grown up. -Laurel Lightfoot

Your birthday is the day to try new things. Be the new you. -Mrs. Lightfoot

See? Mom knows how to let out her inner warrior. -Barley Lightfoot
Thank you. Now take out the trash. -Laurel Lightfoot

Rest your haunches for a minute. -Laurel Lightfoot

Quests of Yore is not just a board game. It’s a historically accurate based scenario of role play. -Barley

He was just bold. I always wished I had a little bit of that in me. -College Friend of Dad

This is the world’s largest gap year. -Officer Bronco

It’s a wizard staff. Dad was a wizard! -Barley
Your dad was an accountant. -Laurel Lightfoot

This spell brings him back. For one whole day, dad will be back! -Barley

For a spell to work, you have to speak from your heart’s fire! -Barley

Holy tooth of Zadar. -Barley

There’s no top part. I definitely remember Dad having a top part. -Barley

A person can only do magic if they have the gift. And my little brother has the magic gift. -Barley

Quests of Yore is just a game. -Ian Lightfoot
Based on real life. -Barley

Whatever it takes, I’m gonna meet my dad. -Ian

You hear that dad? He’s smart. He just doesn’t know how quests work. -Barley

We are going on a grand and glorious quest. -Barley
It’s not a quest. It’s just a really fast and strange errand. -Ian
It’s totally a quest. -Barley

You have to take risks in life to have an adventure. -Manticore

I’m living a lie. What have I become? -Manticore

On a quest you have to use what you’ve got, and this is what we’ve got. -Barley

On a quest, the clear path is never the right one. -Barley

But if you end up in a gelatinous cube, you are on your own. -Barley

I just need a break. Baby legs can’t go that fast. -Barley

Put it in “O” for Onward. -Barley

I’m not ready. -Ian
You’ll never be ready. -Barley

What the? Oh, it’s on, Shades. -Pixie Duster

You have to focus or we are all dead. -Barley

Magic doesn’t get it wrong. -Barley

Oh Shantar’s Town. -Laurel Lightfoot

Pixar Onward Movie Quotes About Spells

It’s not fair to call me a screwup if you don’t give me a chance to do something right. Just do one thing my way. -Barley

What are you? Some winged bear snake lady? -Grecklin

Son of a…you killed her! -Laurel Lightfoot

Bottomless pit. Whatever falls in there falls forever. -Barley

Well not with that attitude… -Barley

You can do this. I believe in you. -Barley

Believe with every step. Hey dad, this last step is for you. -Ian

You’re not running from the cops. You’re running from our mom’s boyfriend. -Barley

Iandore Lightfoot, breaking the rules! -Barley

I needed that rope. -Ian
Oh but did you? -Barley

See that Dad? The apprentice has become the master. -Barley

Brace yourself, Young Mage. I know all there is of magic. -Barley

I was supposed to say goodbye, but I was scared. That’s when I decided I was never going to be scared again. -Barley

I am a mighty warrior. -Laurel Lightfoot

I had someone who looked out for me. Someone who pushed me to be more than I ever thought I could be. I never had a dad, but I always had you. -Ian

And I think with a little bit of magic, you can do almost anything. 


The spells in Onward are some of the best quotes!

Flame Infernar! -Witch (To start fire)

Voltar Thundasir! -Wizard and Ian (Lightning spell)

Only once is all we get. Grant me this rebirth. Till tomorrow’s sun has set, one day to walk the Earth. -Ian and Barley (Magical Spell to bring back dad)

Aloft Elevar! – Ian (Levitation Spell)

Magnora Gantuan! -Ian (Growth Spell )

Bridgrigar Invisia! -Ian (Magical Bridge Spell)

Accelior! -Ian (Spell to go faster)

Boombastia! -Ian (Fireworks spell)

If you have any favorite Onward movie quotes that I missed, drop them in the comments below! Before you take little ones, check out what parents need to know in my ‘Is Onward kid friendly‘ movie review.

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Magical Disney Pixar Onward Movie Quotes

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I loved when he said I had someone who looked out for me. Someone who pushed me to be more than I ever thought I could be. I never had a dad, but I always had you. I think it was so sweet whoever thought of that tell them thank you!


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I agree! One of the most heartfelt moments of the film!

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