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Is Pixar’s Onward Kid Friendly? | Onward Parent Movie Review

The major plot of Pixar’s Onward has already been revealed – two elf brothers who lost their father have the chance to bring him back through magic for one day. Is Pixar’s Onward kid friendly? Bring tissues for your kids, because this one is an emotional journey for little ones. If your child has lost a parent or someone close, this could prove to be a difficult yet cathartic ride. 

Is Onward Kid Friendly?

Is Pixar’s Onward Kid Friendly?

Ever since visiting Pixar Studios last year, I’ve been invested in Barley and Ian Lightfoot and how their story ends. Voiced by Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, Marvel fans will be thrilled to hear their voices in these characters. 

Is Onward safe for kids? Rated PG for some rude humor, mild peril, and some butt crack, overall, Onward is kid friendly for ages 8 and older. Let’s talk about what parents need to know regarding language, violence, and mature content in Pixar’s Onward.


There was no profanity, though I did laugh when they used made up words for 4-letter words. Mrs. Lightfoot said something like, “Oh Shantar’s town” for sh-t. There are also a couple of “son of a…” that never get finished.


The Manticore is a character who can appear scary as she has a meltdown in her tavern. There are also some scenes where the Lightfoot brothers are in danger, and a monster tries to harm them. As far as weapons are concerned, a sword is used to destroy said monster.

Manticore scary for little kids in Onward

Mature Content

There is some heavy content in Onward, especially about death. Also topics like confidence, low self-esteem, being a “screwup,” sibling rivalry, being a single parent, family dynamics, and same-sex relationships are addressed. 

You also see some of Barley’s butt crack, like a plumber’s crack type of situation. If you notice it, you might chuckle, but otherwise, it’s not a main focus.

Is Onward Appropriate for Kids Under 8?

Content wise, there’s nothing inappropriate in Onward for young children, but the film runs long at almost 2 hours. Listen, for young kids, Onward is just not super kid friendly, because it’s boring. There’s just not enough action or music to entertain the Frozen or Coco fans out there. 

That doesn’t mean there’s not good content for older kids, though. What ages should watch Onward? I say 10 years old and up for entertainment purposes and younger from a parent review point of view.

The real heart of Onward comes from Director Dan Scanlon’s true emotional story and inspiration for this Pixar movie. Two brothers would do anything to have their dad back for one day, and their relationship will be tested in an adventure to find a Phoenix Stone to cast the magic spell left by their father.

Barley is the goofy older brother, a huge fan of Quests of Yore, a Dungeons and Dragons type game that he claims is based on real life. Some of Barley’s antics are definitely laughable and remind you of a Chris Pratt character. 

Ian is the more shy, insecure high school student that just knows if his dad was around, he’d be more confident. As you watch him go through this self-discovery, it may teach kids to be a bit more empathetic.

Is there enough in Onward to entertain teens? I think so. This one is a good lesson movie, less slapstick and laugh out loud comedy. But yes, Chris Pratt is still amusing with his goofball Barley quotes in Onward.

Is Onward fun for teens?

Will You Cry During Onward?

Listen, on a tissue meter, I was using every dry article of clothing I had to wipe my tears – sleeves, jackets, hats, you name it. Some kids may gloss over the sadness if they don’t have anything to relate to it in their own lives, while the tender-hearted kids may be wrecked. 

I’m a crier, so yes, this one was emotional for me as most Pixar movies are. I had a black heart during WALL-E, so you never know how you’re going to react. Pixar’s Onward makes you appreciate the ones who are there for you through the good and the bad – your support system, your people, tribe, squad, or whatever you want to call them. 

It’ll even make you appreciate your siblings more, you know, even the annoying ones.

Is Onward safe for kids?

With all the star power that Onward had, I wanted more supporting character development, and really wanted more of New Mushroomton and trash unicorns. I know how hard they worked at Pixar to create the magic in Onward. But if you create a star like a trash unicorn, then give the people more of what they want. 

Pixar’s Onward is simply beautiful. This story cut me straight to the heart. If you’ve lost someone and long to see them again, get ready for an emotional journey. Better yet, bring your family to go on the journey together.

ONWARD is in theaters on March 6th!

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