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Get your Kia Ride and Drive on at the Washington Auto Show

Stepping into the Washington Auto Show was like a shiny car wonderland. Now you can live out your car fantasies by heading to the Kia Ride and Drive at the Washington Auto Show and drive one (or more!) of their amazing fleet of vehicles. I chose the Kia Stinger, and truthfully, I didn’t want to leave it there. Here’s what you can expect from the Kia Ride and Drive at the Washington Auto Show.

I have been given compensation by Kia Motors for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions about how much I was rock staring it up at the Washington Auto Show are my own.

Check out the Kia Ride and Drive at the Washington Auto Show.

Why Go to the Washington Auto Show?

When I was in college, I met my husband. Classic story of boy meets girl. Girl finds out boy drives a ’57 Chevy Bel Air at home, and girl decides, oh crap, maybe she should learn something about cars. Well this isn’t 1996 anymore, and I’m not as naive. This girl is now the consumer and makes the major purchases in the house. So, I like to do the research for myself.

Going to an auto show is a fantastic way to see all the vehicles at once without any pressure to buy. There are Kia specialists to assist you and answer your questions, but you aren’t being watched like a hawk.

Check out the Kia fleet at the Washington Auto Show.

I was able to do my own thing, take my time, sit in the cars, touch the leather, and gather information. Plus, it’s just really fun. This would make a great date or girls’ night out. Head to the city, grab some grub, and have a blast driving cars! I’m coming back with my husband over the weekend.

At the Washington Auto Show, sit inside cars and feel the leather.

Kia Ride and Drive

When I entered the Walter E. Washington Convention Center after going through bag check, I turned to the East Salon and found the Kia Ride and Drive booth. They’re offering you a $10 Amazon gift card just for stopping by and driving or riding in a Kia vehicle. How awesome is that?

Find the Kia Ride and Drive booth in the East Salon at the Washington Auto Show.

If you decide to drive, you’ll have to give them your license and blow into a breathalyzer for safety reasons. Then choose which vehicle you’d like to drive! I already knew I loved the Kia Sorento and the Kia Niro, because I had driven them before, so I went full rock star with the 2018 Kia Stinger GT. I had seen pictures online and just knew I wanted to try it.

Try driving the Kia Stinger at the Kia Ride and Drive. It is one hot car!

You’re escorted outside where the cars are lined up, and then it was love at first sight! If you’re alone, you’ll have a Kia Specialist ride with you to answer all your questions and perhaps even jam out to the radio with you. The sound system was so legit (15 Harman Kardon speakers, y’all!), I did dance to some Beyonce in the car.

Ride and Drive with the Kia Stinger

Even with the short drive around city blocks, the smooth acceleration was noticeable. And those Brembo brakes. It was hard not to instantly fall in love with the red leather seats, and I almost felt underdressed. I wish I had worn some leather pants and heels to the occasion.

A Ride and Drive with the Kia Stinger will make you fall in love!

I was very impressed with the Kia Stinger, and the Kia Ride and Drive is the perfect opportunity to get all my questions answered, too. With features like heated seats and steering wheel, AWD option, and 4 different drive modes, they’ve thought of everything.

As I was finishing up, the Kia Niro in Deep Cerulean made me do a double take and come back to admire its beauty. The color is really breathtaking. I could have taken the Kia Niro for a Ride and Drive, too, but my family and I had driven it around Utah and Arizona. I already knew that it was on our list as the next commuter/family car for my husband. But I did look at the Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid at the Kia exhibit.

Kia Niro in Dee Cerulean is available for a Ride and Drive at the Washington Auto Show.


Driving the Kia Niro in Southern Utah.

Kia Ride and Drive Hours

If you’re coming from the Kia exhibit, head up to the concourse, follow the signs on concourse to the Mt. Vernon Place entrance. At the Mt. Vernon Place entrance, turn left toward the Grand Staircase, Kia’s Ride and Drive activation station is on the right. The Kia Ride and Drive Hours are Monday – Friday 12pm – 6pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am – 6pm.

Washington Auto Show Hours

Walter E. Washington Convention Center

801 Mount Vernon Place NW

Washington, D.C. 20001

January 26-February 4, 2018

Come with your family, spouse, partner, or come solo for some “me” time to the Kia Ride and Drive and really get a feel for what this fleet can do. They have the Kia Niro, the Kia Sorento, the Kia Sedona, the Kia Soul (with a cool activity), the Kia Cadenza, the Kia Optima, the Kia Sportage, and more! I’ll leave you with one last picture of the Kia Stinger, because as they like to say, “I’ve been stung.”

Kia Stinger GT is at the Washington Auto Show for you to drive!

Also, you can check out my Facebook Live video from the Kia exhibit on the floor for more info on what Kia vehicles you can find at the Washington Auto Show!

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