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Is the Kakamora Float at Aloha Isle Worth it? REVIEW

After a not-so-pleasant experience with the Pistachio Dole Whip over the holidays, I was hesitant to go against my usual Pineapple-Vanilla Swirl Dole Whip float. However, I’m so glad I tried the Kakamora Float at Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom! It’s at the top of my Dole Whip list. Is the Kakamora Float at Aloha Isle good? 100% yes. But only if you like coconut. 

Kakamora Float Magic Kingdom

Kakamora Float Review at Aloha Isle

The Kakamora Float is back in 2021 at Magic Kingdom! You can order the Kakamora Float on Mobile Order at Aloha Isle right next to the Enchanted Tiki Room. However, it does say it’s a limited time offering, so you never know when it will pop back out. 

Aloha Isle Menu 2021

Kakamora Float: Coconut soft serve on top of pineapple juice and blue curacao syrup, adorned with a chocolate Kakamora cake pop. 

At $6.99, it’s a deal, considering you get the coconut Dole Whipe float with a cake pop. The chocolate cake pop is very rich, but the Kakamora face is cute, even though they were mean little coconuts in Moana

The Kakamora Float has a definite piña colada vibe with the coconut/pineapple flavors. I really like coconut flavor, so this is why it’s a favorite. The texture of the coconut soft serve is very creamy, almost like an ice cream. I’ll definitely be getting it again!

If you’re in the Disney area while WandaVision is releasing new episodes on Disney+, then stop by Disney Springs and try their new WandaVision cakes! A must-try for any Marvel fans. 

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