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Is Incredibles 2 Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Is Incredibles 2 kid friendly? I’m sure you must be thinking, duh, it’s a Pixar animated movie. I had the same thoughts going into it. While it was a funny movie, and my older kids and I really liked it, I was a little surprised at the language and intense scenes. Here’s what parents need to know in this Incredibles 2 Parents Guide.

Is Incredibles 2 kids friendly? Maybe not as much as you think.

Is Incredibles 2 Kid Friendly?

Here’s your parent’s guide to whether Incredibles 2 is kid friendly. Should you take your kids to see Incredibles 2? Like I said before, I was just surprised.

The Parr family is back, and they pick up right where they left off! I love that even after 14 years, it’s like no time has passed.

The Parr family picks up right where they left off in Incredibles 2!

A Parent’s Guide to Incredibles 2

I’ll break down Incredibles 2 for you in regards to profanity, sexual content, and violence.

Age Rating: Why is Incredibles 2 Rated PG?

Incredibles 2 is rated PG for violence and language which means parental guidance suggested. Some content may not be suitable for all kids.

As a parent I would like to go into a Disney Pixar movie without worry. However, that’s why parental guidance is suggested, so parents can make those decisions.

Profanity in Incredibles 2

So here’s where I was surprised, because honestly, I just don’t get why we needed any profanity. I am probably more sensitive to language than some people, but that’s because I don’t use it on a regular basis. So to other parents it could be no big deal.

However, my job is to make parents aware, so they can make that decision for their own children. They used the phrase “promote the hell outta them” and “I’ll be damned.” I also counted 4 uses “Oh my G-d,” and 1 “Oh Lord.” There’s also a part where Frozone says, “What the fu..?” Now he doesn’t complete that sentence, but the implication is there.

I just have to ask the question again. Why? There were so many funny parts to Incredibles 2 that were witty and genuinely funny. It just bugs me that this is the new standard.

Sexual Content in Incredibles 2

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible kiss, but that’s about it.

Violence in Incredibles 2

So as a superhero movie, there’s bound to be some violence. The whole family and other superheroes are fighting bad guys, so there are punches and kicks, and people in danger. The end is pretty intense, and I think what ultimately upset my 5-year-old.

The villain in Incredibles 2 is pretty dark, and there is an overall dark element for an animated movie. I think younger children may connect more to animated characters. My daughters have “met” The Incredibles at Disney World, so to them, it’s like seeing Mickey Mouse being thrown around. Also Jack-Jack sometimes turns into a monster, so that’s kinda freaky for the littles. My daughter just kept saying, “I’m scared.”

Is Incredibles 2 kid friendly? Well Jack-Jack turns into a devil baby sometimes.

What Ages Should Watch Incredibles 2?

I say Incredibles 2 is kid friendly for ages 8 and up. It’s not a given anymore that being a Disney or Pixar movie will be fine for children. I kind of miss those days. Perhaps audiences have become more needy or the standard of acceptance is lower and edgy wins out.

Is Incredibles 2 ok for kids 5 and under? I think that it’ll be a case by case basis for preschoolers. You know your child best.

Overall, Incredibles 2 is a really fun, entertaining movie for the family! I know it seems almost hypocritical to say something like Solo: A Star Wars Story is a great family film and then seemingly scold Incredibles 2. For me, I know what to expect more from Star Wars and even Avengers movies. With Incredibles 2, it took me by surprise.

With the addition of the Pixar short, Bao, Incredibles 2 runs almost 2 hours long. That’s a long time for small kids. The adults will be fine, because really, there’s no lag. I was entertained the whole time.

Is Incredibles 2 ok for kids? Read my parent's guide to find out.

Why You Should Take Kids to See Incredibles 2

Not only is there humor (I was HOWLING at the Edna Mode and Jack-Jack scenes), but there is heart in Incredibles 2. It’s not as tear-jerking as The Incredibles, but the overall themes of family and friendship are apparent. I also enjoy that Elastigirl is the main character and gets her time to shine while Mr. Incredible stays at home taking care of the kids.

You get a glimpse into the role reversal of a stay-at-home parent and the commonality that it’s hard for any parent. The support system is always needed. Old friends like Frozone are back as well as the introduction to some other rad heroes. This was a sequel worth waiting for.

So is Incredibles 2 kid friendly? Maybe not as much as you thought, but for older kids, they’ll love it!

If you want to see how I rate other movies, check out my kid friendly reviews. Is Avengers: Infinity War kid friendly? Is Solo: A Star Wars Story kid friendly?

Incredibles 2 Epilepsy Warning

ETA: A few friends have mentioned the potential for seizures for those with photosensitive epilepsy. There are strobe light flashes towards the end of the movie that last up to 2 minutes long. Thank you to The Mouse & The Monorail for sharing!

This is once again just to make people aware before they see the movie, so they can be prepared.

Incredibles 2 is in theaters now!

Is Incredibles 2 kid friendly? Well not as much as you think. Here's my parents guide to Incredibles 2. I was surprised at the language and intense and scary scenes for little kids in a Pixar movie. #Incredibles2 #ParentReview


Sunday 8th of October 2023

Ma’am respectfully, I don’t think you remember what the first Incredibles was about if altered language and some fighting scenes had you so shaken up you decided to publish this review. In the first Incredibles film’s plot we learn that Syndrome was actively trying to commit a genocide of superheroes and in fact in one scene we even see the corpse of one of them when Mr. Incredible attains the password “kronos,” in order to get into Syndrome’s main computer.

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