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How to Celebrate Father’s Day at Disney

We like to celebrate all kinds of holidays at Walt Disney World. Father’s Day is no exclusion. In 2014, we got one heck of a Disney Father’s Day surprise! Well, it’s a surprise I pulled off for Father’s Day at Disney World with help of some awesome Disney Cast Members at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa for a family vacation. Here’s are some ideas how to celebrate Father’s Day at Disney.

Totchos at Disney Social Media Moms Conference

My husband doesn’t ask for much. He doesn’t have a go-to love (like me and Disney) that I can just tweak each year like video games or cars. He’s difficult to shop for, in fact, because it’s rare that he gets incredibly excited about something. It’s not that he’s unappreciative, he’s just really laid back. So sometimes I have to dig deep to find something he’ll really love.

I love food. I dream about the food and snacks at Walt Disney World Resort. My husband, on the other hand, does not. He eats to stay alive, and that’s about it. Ice cream is his jam. When we went to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in Disneyland in 2014, they served a dish called “Totchos” at an event.

Our Disney Father's Day surprise involved totchos at Disney Social Media Moms were amazing

Photo credit: Diane Sullivan

My husband LOVED them. He not only ate his, but if others at our table had one they didn’t want, he ate theirs, too. It was a tiny bit embarrassing, but I let it slide, because usually he’s cool.  He still talked about those totchos when we got home.

Disney Father’s Day Surprise

Since we were headed to Walt Disney World, I decided to try to surprise my husband with some totchos. I tried researching everywhere to see if any place in Disneyland or Walt Disney World served these and found nothing.

I could have ordered him a cake, a specialty dessert, or ordered from Disney Floral & Gifts, but I decided to wait to speak to a cast member when I arrived and try my luck.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Royal Palm Club Level

I spoke with one of the marvelous concierge cast members, Robin, at the Grand Floridian Royal Palm Club Level in the Main Building, and basically had that picture above of the ingredients and a picture of Disney totchos.

I’m sure in her head she was thinking, ‘Lady, can’t you order a cake like normal people?’ But she was very sweet and said she would talk to the chefs to see if this was something they could do and get back to me.

After some emailing back and forth, I talked to Robin on the phone. She asked me how important the nacho cheese sauce was, because they did not have any at the Grand Floridian. I giggled, because why would a swanky hotel like the Grand have nacho sauce? Real cheese for the foodies!

Well not only is ice cream my husband’s jam, but so is nacho cheese. I told her it was kind of important. She said they would try to send a food runner to another resort for the nacho sauce, and if they couldn’t get it, the chefs would make it from scratch.

Whaaaaa?? They would take the time to send someone to go get nacho cheese, because my husband likes nacho cheese or else make it from scratch? For one guest? For my husband? He is no celebrity, not famous, not a politician. I mean if he was Boyz II Men, alright, get them some nacho cheese. But he’s just a dad to 5 little girls (but a really awesome one). We agreed on a time that the totchos would be delivered to the Royal Palm Club and hung up.

How to Celebrate Father’s Day at Disney World

On Father’s Day, my family went about our usual Disney shenanigans. Dressed in a ‘Galaxy’s Best Dad’ t-shirt (thanks Star Wars Weekends), Gaston was not impressed that our daughters admired their daddy more than him.

A Disney Father's Day surprise included a visit to Gaston!


At the appointed time we headed back to the Grand Floridian, and I told my husband I needed a snack. So we head up to the lounge, and then I saw Robin and my eyes started to water.

Here she comes with a BIG bowl of totchos, balloons, and a card. The surprised look on my husband’s face was priceless. I could literally see his mouth watering. It’s the same look I get when I see Butterfinger Cupcakes at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The Grand Floridian Cast Members were awesome in a Disney Father's Day surprise!

A side of sour cream, too?! This is just too much. I thanked Robin profusely, but she just had a big smile on her face. She told me how excited the chefs and the kitchen staff were to make something new and that the kitchen smelled so good. And I knew she was sincere.

Try celebrating Father's Day at Disney World with a big bowl of totchos.

Disney World Magic for Father’s Day

This is why I love visiting Walt Disney World so much. The cast members. People ask me all the time why I visit so often. Because each Guest is special. I am special, my husband is special, my children are special, and they make us all feel special.

All this fuss for one Guest. They made us feel like the only Guests. They made my husband feel like the BEST, most important dad to 5 little girls. The cast members are the magic. And that’s why we’ll keep going back.

Disney Father’s Day Ideas

Sometimes it’s not about the gifts. My husband was touched that I went through the effort to get him something special. You can make your own Disney Father’s Day magic!

Here are other Father’s Day ideas to celebrate at Disney:

Make a reservation at a special restaurant. We love ‘Ohana, because bread pudding.

Order a special dessert or cake. Call the Cake Hotline at 407-827-2253. I’ve had a special cakes made before and delivered to our room or Disney restaurant.

Try a fireworks dessert party or cruise. 

Splurge on a Disney After Hours Event – less time in lines and smaller crowds will make and dad happy!

Treat dad to a round of golf. Disney offers mini-gold like Fantasia Gardens or 18-hole courses.

Ride on dad’s favorite attraction 3 times in a row with him. I’m working up the courage to get on Splash Mountain, but it’s coming, I promise.

Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland, anyone? Now that would be a Jedi’s dream!

Or most importantly, just spend time together, because I guarantee that’s what my husband wants for Father’s Day every year.

A Disney Father's Day at Disney World is the best present!

You know the funny thing? They now serve all kinds of Totchos at Friar’s Nook at Magic Kingdom and at Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I’m actually taking full credit for bringing totchos to the masses at Disney Parks 😉 Or just surprise dad with a Disney World trip, because a Disney Father’s Day is the best!

How to surprise your favorite dad at Walt Disney World for Father's Day! Our Grand Floridian Resort big surprise and the Cast Members who helped us. Try a fireworks dessert party or even call the cake hotline to order a special dessert. #DisneyWorld #FathersDay #GrandFloridian

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Rachel Langer

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