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The Funniest 2024 Groundhog Day Memes to Share

Groundhog Day is on February 2, 2024 this year, and it’s time to see whether we’ll have 6 more weeks of winter or if spring will come a little early. Yes, we rely on a groundhog to predict the weather and whether he sees his shadow. No, really. These funny Groundhog Day memes will make you laugh even if we do have 6 more weeks of winter.

The Best Groundhog Day Memes for 2024

Ridiculous or not, Groundhog Day has been a tradition since 1887. Share these hilarious memes for Groundhog Day with friends and family to see who makes the right prediction. Are you team spring or winter? 

We’re not saying Punxsutawney Phil is a liar…well yes we are. 

Groundhog Day Memes 2023

Dang, even Maury got into it with Phil. 

Maury Povich Groundhog Day Meme

Groundhog’s Day Meme

Listen, Phyllis took matters into her own hands.


Funny Groundhog Day memes

We know, Phil!

Groundhog Day liar meme

Things are getting serious now. 

Groundhog Day Liar Memes

But also, it’s our fault for using a groundhog as a meteorologist. 

Hilarious Groundhog Day Memes

Dang it, I knew it was a hoax with Siri.

funny groundhog day meme


It’s like I’ve seen this before.

Groundhog Day Memes

Funniest Groundhog Day Memes

How I might be feeling right now.

funny memes for groundhog day

Groundhog’s Day Meme

Groundhog's Day Meme

Sometimes a groundhog just doesn’t want the fanfare. 

Groundhog Hiding Meme

Wow, not cool, Phil. Happy Groundhog’s Day to you!

Happy Groundhog's Day Meme

Happy Groundhog’s Day Meme


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