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Hilarious Hurricane Memes to Ride Out the Storm 2023

Obviously hurricanes are not funny, especially if one is not prepared. However, as a Floridian, sometimes you have to keep a sense of humor about them, especially when it comes to snacks. Here are some funny Hurricane Memes to ride out hurricane season, because it’s that time again. 

Funny Hurricane Memes for 2023

Hurricane Ian came for Florida in 2022, and Hurricane Hilary came for California. Let’s just say Florida and California prepare differently. However, we no have possible Hurricane Idalia. Sometimes you can’t help but laugh and hope Jim Cantore doesn’t show up. Buckle up for hurricane season and some of the best hurricane memes online.

Jim Cantore Hurricane Memes

Idalia is a Tropical Storm but may turn into a Hurricane. I usually keep calm until Jim Cantore comes to town.

Florida Jim Cantore Hurricane Meme

You should also take his advice on snacks, too. Don’t eat them before the hurricane comes!

Jim Cantore Hurricane Meme

Family Time

Sometimes you lose a little power, sometimes the house gets really hot, sometimes the internet goes out. And once you’ve gone without the internet for days, well, good luck to you. But board games are fun!

2022 Hurricane Meme

Source: Pinterest

Florida Hurricane Memes

These Florida Hurricane memes are sad but true. 

What was that about pumpkin spice?

Floridian Hurricane Memes

And also Florida…

Floridians Be Like Meme

It’s true. 

Florida Hurricane Meme

Seriously, again?

Funny Florida Hurricane Memes

Credit: @OnlyinFlorida

Hurricane Ian Memes

You’re in danger, girl.

Hurricane Ian Memes 2022

Credit: @PTStephen Twitter

Hurricane Hilary Memes

As Hilary starts to come towards California, where’s the lie?

Hurricane Hilary Meme

I’ve always admired California’s ability to stay chill.

Funny Hurricane Hilary Meme

When Disney World Closes

I wasn’t even worried until Disney World closed last year. But now, please stand clear of the storms. Iykyk.

Disney World Hurricane Memes

Hurricane Ian Meme Disney World Closed

For Those of You That Drink

For those of you that drink, here’s a little hurricane prep tip. Or you can use it to store water, but you choose.

Funny Hurricane Meme

Patience is a Virtue

Will it shift left, will it shift right? Sometimes it’s a waiting game.

Hurricane Turtle Meme

Purricane Memes

Perhaps the most adorable hurricane meme is the purricane meme. Those cats are so cuuuute!

Purricane Meme

Dogs on the Other Hand

Dogs have attitude, and I’m here for it. Maybe not a winter storm, but most dogs will not be wanting to use the bathroom in 100 mph winds and rain. So good luck, pups. 

Pet Hurricane Meme

Those Water Hoarders

I have been to Walmart and Publix. Yes, I am side-eyeing people a little bit. 

Hurricane Water Memes

If there’s one thing you can count on with a hurricane, it’s hurricane memes.

Hurricane Memes

In all seriousness, stay safe out there. And better to be prepared than not.

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