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Free Printable You’ve Been Booed Poem and Sign

Booing is one of my favorite Halloween traditions, because it’s meant to spread joy and Halloween spirit. Print off this free printable “You’ve Been Booed” poem and sign to spread the love to your friends and neighbors in 2023!

Free You’ve Been Booed Sign Printable

Looking for a free We’ve Been Booed printable to boo a neighbor in 2023? You can either start the tradition amongst your friends and neighbors, or if you’ve been booed, you can print this You’ve Been Booed poem for free! 

Click on the You’ve Been Booed Poem below to print off the PDF in better printing quality. 

You've Been Booed Printable Poem

How Does You’ve Been Booed Work?

Booing or “You’ve Been Booed” traditionally involves leaving a treat or gift at your neighbor or friend’s house anonymously. Half the fun is leaving it on the doorstep, knocking or ringing the bell, and then running to hide. 

With the bag or basket, you leave instructions and a “We’ve Been Booed” sign, so they can hang up the sign on the door or window to let other neighbors know they’ve already been booed. You want to reach as many people in the neighborhood as possible, so choose someone who hasn’t been booed yet. 

If you’ve been booed, you try to boo someone else as quickly as possible to keep the game going. 

What Should You Put in Your Boo Baskets or Bags?

It’s up to you how you want to surprise your neighbors. I have used gift bags or the plastic pumpkins before to deliver boo gifts. If you know the neighbor personally, then you can try to add their favorite candy or treats. If I know there are children then I’ll try to add cups, plates, or toys. You also don’t have to choose families with children. Adults like surprises, too! 

Happy Halloween!!

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You’ve Been Booed Poem

Print this off if you need an extra You’ve Been Booed 

Youve Been Booed Poem

If you just need an extra We’ve Been Booed sign, you can just print off the page below. 

Weve Been Booed Printable