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The Most Emotional Stranger Things 4 Quotes

Have you seen Stranger Things Season 4 yet? It packs an emotional punch and is the craziest season yet! Enjoy some of the best and most emotional Stranger Things 4 quotes from Eleven, Mike, Steve, Max, Robin, Dustin, Argyle, and more. 

Emotional Stranger Things 4 Quotes

Emotional Stranger Things Season 4 Quotes

After the events from Season 3, some of the gang from Hawkins have moved to California. As things are changing, so are the friendships. However, new threats seem to follow Eleven and her friends. 

However, after you’ve watched Stranger Things 4, Vol 1, Volume 2 has even more emotional quotes.

Did I miss any of your favorite quotes from Stranger Things 4? Drop them in the comments below.

You’re literally quoting me to me. 

I ask out the wrong girl, and bam, I’m the town pariah. 

Hop is alive.

What have you done? 

Are we gonna do this or are we gonna keep chitchatting like its your mommy’s book club?

Has it ever occurred to you that we don’t want to be popular? 

Without you, we can’t win this war.

We are nerds and freaks.

I’m tired of being bullied. I’m tired of girls laughing at us. 

Joyce says time is funny like that. Emotions can make it speed up or slow down.

You want to die for this woman, American?

We’re on your side, I swear on my mother. 

Your friend is stuck. You give me money, I make him unstuck.

Friends don’t lie.

Best Eleven Quotes from Stranger Things 4

We usually rely on this girl who has super powers, but those went bye-bye.

You’ve experienced trauma. When you bottle feelings up, it doesn’t take much to trigger them again.

I believed it was an angel. I followed her, only to find myself in a nightmare much worse.

If you come with me, for the first time in your life you will be free. 

I think there’s a part of you buried somewhere deep that wanted me to die that day. That was maybe even relieved. Happy.

I can’t leave my mom and brother to chase a dream that isn’t mine.

This man does not deserve the peace of death, so I sent him to hell.

Whoever killed the that girl is pure evil. You ever hear the name Victor Creel?

Don’t worry, Steve will get him with his oar.

Dustin Quotes Stranger Things 4

There are some things worse than ghosts.

You speak of monsters and superheroes. That’s the stuff of myth and fairytales. Reality, truth, is rarely so simple. People are not so easily defined. Only by facing all of ourselves, the good and the bad, can we become whole.

Hold on to your butts, brochachos. 

Palm Tree Delight, that’s what you gotta do.

You know why they feed live prey to a predator? Because if they don’t, the predator gets bored and it stops eating. It needs the thrill of the hunt.

You got me stressed out and it’s not even my girlfriend.

Rich parents, popular, chicks love him. Not a douche? No way man. No way. That flies in the face of all the laws of the universe.

Argyle Quotes Stranger Things 4

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