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Best Stranger Things 4 Vol 2 Quotes

Stranger Things 4 Vol 1 took us on an emotional ride. And Volume 2 continues as the Hawkins gang fights for the fate of not only Hawkins, but for the entire world. Here are some of the best quotes from Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 from Brenner, Steve, Dustin, Hopper, Joyce, Robin, and more!

Best Quotes from Stranger Things 4 Volume 2

In Stranger Things 4, Volume 2 Vecna is gaining more power with each new kill. As Eleven tries to gain her powers back, the friends from Hawkins must stop Vecna before he destroys everyone and the world. Hopper and Joyce are still in Russia trying to destroy Demagorgans aplenty, and Dr. Brenner is still trying to keep Eleven prisoner. 

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You’re the hero of Hawkins. -Joyce

It’s not fate, it’s not destiny. It’s just simple dumb luck. And one day she’s gonna realize that there was some random nerd that got lucky that Superman landed on his doorstep. -Mike

You’re scared of losing her. -Will

Without heart, we’d all fall apart. -Will

When you’re different, sometimes you feel like a mistake. -Will

Eventually that dam will burst. When that happens, Hawkins will fall. -Brenner

You eased her into it, nice and gentle. Just like we talked about, not ominous at all. -Dr. Owens

4 kills. 4 gates. End of the world. -Lucas

We’ve learned something new about Vecna/Henry/One. He’s a number like Eleven, only a sick, evil, male, child-murdering version of her with really bad skin. -Robin

Quotes Stranger Things 4 Vol 2

Whatever it is, whatever you do…try not to miss. -Max

When One kills, he doesn’t simply kill. He consumes. He takes everything from his victims. -Brenner

You will need to do more than walk. You will need to do more than run. You will need to fly. -Brenner

You are the monster. -Eleven

Never change, Dustin Henderson. -Eddie

Even though you’re a bench riding loser, you’re still my brother. Just the facts. -Erica

I still have hope. -Steve

Not everything has a happy ending. -Robin

To killing Vecna/Henry/One. -Robin and Steve

There is a fine line between courage and stupidity, and this falls very far on the line of stupid.

If we were meeting for the first time tonight, part of me thinks we would have made it. -Steve

I left one part out; it’s the most important part. You’re there. You’ve always been there. -Steve

Most metal ever!! -Dustin

This time, it’s gonna be different. -Hopper
It better be, I am not having another funeral. -Joyce

I’m buying more time. -Eddie

Normal’s just a raging psychopath. -Lucas

I piggybacked from a pizza dough freezer. -Eleven

If you touch her again, I will kill you again. -Eleven

There was a time when I had hoped to have you by my side, but now I just want you to watch. -Vecna

I love you on your good days. I love you on your bad days. I love you with your powers. I love you without your powers. I love you for exactly who you are. You’re my superhero. -Mike

This is only the beginning. The beginning of the end. -Vecna

He fought and died to protect this town. This town…that hated him. He’s a hero. -Dustin