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The Funniest Ms. Marvel Quotes on Disney+

Have you seen Ms. Marvel on Disney+? The newest Marvel show is now streaming on Disney+ and Kamala Khan is the fangirl in all of us. Here are some of the best Ms. Marvel quotes on Disney+ from Kamala, Bruno, Nakia, Muneeba, and more!

Funny Kamala Quotes Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel Quotes on Disney+

Kamala Khan is a high schooler that is a big Avengers fan – especially Captain Marvel.  When she sneaks out to AvengerCon, she discovers that she has some sort of superpowers like the heroes she looks up to. However, what’s next?

Kamala is funny, witty, and sarcastic and sometimes has the best lines. I’ll continue to update this post with as each new episode drops on Wednesdays. Did I miss any of your favorite quotes from Ms. Marvel on Disney+? Drop them in the comments below. 

She blasted through Thanos’ fleet like a flaming angel, and you know what, she looked good doing it. -Kamala

Can’t a woman just live? -Kamala

Every family has a partition story. And none of them are good.

You set her up to fail having her drive in the street with all the other cars. -Muneeba

Because of your daughter, I’m walking home. 

This is my fault. These are my genetics. I mean I come from a long line of fantasizing, unrealistic daydreamers. -Muneeba

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. -Kamala
The thing is I do hate the game though. -Nakia

Best Ms Marvel quotes

What makes you think you have Ant-Man powers? -Bruno

You know that part in the movie where someone comes to the main character and they say ‘would you like to be a Jedi?’ or ‘would you like to answer phones for an incredibly demanding but chic magazine editor?

It’s Nightlight!

Ms Marvel poster

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