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13 Profound Dear Evan Hansen Movie Quotes

The Dear Evan Hansen movie is now out in theaters. The popular stage musical has been turned into a major motion picture, starring Ben Platt as Evan. Some of the subject material is heavy and can be sad, but it’s also important. Here are some of the most profound Dear Evan Hansen quotes from Evan, Zoe, Connor, Jared, and Cynthia Murphy. 

Dear Evan Hansen Movie Quotes

Dear Evan Hansen Movie Quotes

Evan Hansen is an anxious, isolated high schooler aching for belonging amid the chaos and cruelty of the social-media age. He leads the Murphy family to believe he was friends with their son before he died by suicide, as they go through the grieving process. Soon Evan accidentally becomes a viral sensation online and must eventually admit he lied. 

Some of these Dear Evan Hansen movie quotes are from profound parts of the film. While heartbreaking, they give a glimpse at what kids are facing today and perhaps can explain why Evan did what he did. 

Did I miss any of your favorite quotes from Dear Evan Hansen? Drop them in the comments below. Wondering if the film is kid friendly? This Dear Evan Hansen Parents Guide will tell parents what they need to know.

Dear Evan Hansen Jared Quotes

We’re family friends, Evan, that is entirely different. Please respect that. -Jared

Though Jared is not quite as horrible as in the musical, he often jokes with Evan that they are not real friends, once again isolating Evan even more. 

I wish everything was different. I wish I was different. -Evan

Heartbreaking words that I’ve often heard said from teenagers. 

Now we can both pretend we have friends. -Connor

After Connor signs Evan’s cast, he utters these words. It seems as if Connor was softening a little bit towards Evan.

Dear Evan Hansen Connor Quotes

You don’t understand, this is all we have. This is the only thing we have left. -Cynthia Murphy

It was hard to watch a mother’s grief as Cynthia pleads with Evan when Evan first shakes his head that he didn’t know Connor well. 

I didn’t realize you were capable of saying something that wasn’t nice. -Zoe

One of the first times in the movie we see Evan start to relax and not worry so much about what he says around Zoe. 

I never meant to make such a mess. I never meant for it to go this far. -Evan

One of the lowest points for Evan when he has to reveal his lies. 

My whole life everything has been about him and maybe the two of us, maybe we don’t have to talk about him all the time. Maybe we can talk about other things? -Zoe

Zoe reveals why perhaps she and Connor didn’t feel close since she and her family were always worried and talking about him. It seems as if she’s reaching out in need of a friend. 

Zoe Quotes Dear Evan Hansen Movie

I didn’t know that you were hurting like that. -Heidi Hansen

Heidi is a single mom who works long hours as a nurse. After Evan confides in her, she reveals she didn’t know, and you can feel the guilt she feels from not knowing. 

All of a sudden people I’ve never met want to be my best friend. I’m the dead kid’s sister after all. -Zoe

You can tell Zoe is going through grief as she states so bluntly that Connor is dead.

I’m not asking for your forgiveness, I don’t deserve it. -Evan

Here you can see how much Evan doesn’t like himself for what he has done. I think he truly feels remorse for what he did.

It’s not my decision, it’s my moms. She said she doesn’t want to ruin your life or you hurt yourself. She said they already lost one son. -Zoe

This is one of the additions that I don’t remember from the musical. When the audience maybe questions why the Murphys don’t expose Evan or that Evan doesn’t experience any “real” consequences, Zoe reveals it was her mother’s decision for Evan’s well-being.

You’ve given me my brother back. -Zoe

For some, watching Evan manipulate Zoe and the Murphys is cringey. Zoe reveals the hope that Evan has given her. It’s a profound moment in the movie, because this is why she develops feelings for Evan, real or not.

Today, no matter what else, today at least you are you.

This line may wrap up the movie/musical a little too neatly, but at the end of the day, this is the message Dear Evan Hansen is about – you are you. 

Dear Evan Hansen Movie Poster

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