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Is Dead to Me Season 2 Kid Friendly? | Parents Guide

Dead to Me Season 2 is a wild ride! If you thought the twists and turns ended in Season One, well think again! Is Dead to Me Season 2 kid friendly? No, not at all. Rated TV-MA, it may be teen friendly depending on what’s ok for your kids. Here’s a parents guide to Dead to Me Season 2 on Netflix.

Is Dead to Me kid friendly?

Is Dead to Me Kid Friendly?

If you’ve seen the first season of Dead to Me on Netflix, then there’s more of the same, though Jen seems especially crazy in Season 2. 

The show picks up at the end of Season One where if you remember, Jen shoots Steve with her husband’s gun and he falls into the pool.  They both are left wondering what to do with the body.

Season 2 of Dead to Me picks up with a possible reconciliation, but there are many surprises left to be seen. 

Is Dead to Me OK for teens? It’s rated TV-MA for language, violence, and mature content. 

What parents need to know about Dead to Me Season Two is that there’s a lot of language. A LOT. I’m pretty sure Jen says the f-word every 3rd word. Then every other swear word you can think of is thrown out there. So if language is an issue for you, then skip this one.

As far as violence, well, the show does revolve around a murder. You’ll see a flashback of it throughout the season and that can be disturbing for teens. There’s also talk of abuse, a lot of dysfunctional relationships, friendships and sex. There is also a lot of drinking. I don’t remember any full nudity, but there are characters in bras. 

Dead to Me Season 2 Parent Guide

Dead to Me Season 2 Parents Guide

Listen, Jen really seems off the rails in this season (especially in some of these Dead to Me Season 2 quotes) and sweet Judy is still a people-pleaser. There is a ton of mature content, and Dead to Me is definitely not for kids. If you feel your teen will be ok with this content, then I recommend watching with them.

This show is made for adults and while not as fresh of an idea as the first season, some will still enjoy the hijinks between these two besties/accomplices as they try to keep people from finding out what they did. But with Perez hot on the trail, will Jen go to jail? This leads to several emotional scenes involving her kids.

Hold on to your hats, because Dead to Me Season 2 is a bumpy ride. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, they throw a curveball, and that’s what will keep some people along for the ride.

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