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Is Country Comfort on Netflix Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Country Comfort on Netflix is ok for kids? Country Comfort is rated TV-PG for some language and mature content. Is Country Comfort kid friendly? It’s a cute, heartwarming show with adorable country accents aplenty. Here’s what parents need to know in this Country Comfort Parents Guide.

Country Comfort Parents Guide Netflix

Country Comfort Parents Guide

Aspiring Nashville singer Bailey (Katharine McPhee) finds herself dumped and looking for a job and a place to live. She becomes a nanny (with no prior nannying skills) for a widowed man and his five children. She soon learns what family means while still chasing her dreams to be a singer. 

Country Comfort is a mostly family-friendly comedy that reminds me of what sitcoms used to be, and I’m glad to see their return in this 10-episode series. This is a very bingeable series, but parents should know there is a lot of talk of the death of the kids’ mother which may be hard for children who have lost a parent. However, the show does a good job of talking through these feelings and bottled-up emotions of grieving a wife and parent.


There is a little bit of language like hell, boobies, and phrases like truck nuts, but no profanity. There are phrases with Deity used.

Mature Content

Death is a topic talked about frequently in the show, but it is talked about in a respectful manner. 

Characters drink alcohol and kids are seen in Tootsies, which is a famous bar in Nashville. 

There is some talk about sex, without actually saying sex, but one episode addresses a character wanting to spend the night at his girlfriend’s house.

Country Comfort kid friendly

Is Country Comfort Appropriate for Kids Under 10?

Country Comfort is television comfort food. It’s cute, funny, and there are adorable kids. They work together as a family and go through their problems as a family. Sure, things can get a little cheesy as all good family sitcoms do. And if little Chloe doesn’t make you smile with her southern drawl and sass, I don’t know what will.

Will younger kids like Country Comfort? Maybe not. I’m not sure there’s enough to hold their attention, but I’d recommend it for kids ages 10 and up.

Katherine McPhee does a lot of singing and we all know she has a powerhouse voice. You’ll even get country music surprises during the show! So if you love singing, then keep this on your Netflix list.

I definitely recommend Country Comfort as a fun binge to get your toes tapping!


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