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20 Best Coming 2 America Quotes

Have you seen Coming 2 America on Amazon Prime Video? This sequel has some funny lines thanks to Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Tracy Morgan, and Leslie Jones. Here are the best Coming 2 America quotes on Amazon Prime from Akeem, Lisa, Uncle Reem, Semmi, and more!

Best Coming 2 America Quotes

In Coming 2 America Akeem learns he has a son living in Queens that he never knew about. He brings him to Zamunda to marry a princess to create peace, but Lavelle wants to marry for love, just like Akeem did years ago. 

Did I miss any of your favorite quotes from Coming 2 America? Drop them in the comments below. Check out this Coming 2 America Parents Guide if you need age recommendations.

I am the heir to the throne of Zamunda. I shall not be shamed by my two daughters. -Akeem

Behold, Prince Akeem in his natural element, cowering at the mercy of the women in his life. -Semmi

It is my daughters that teach me in the languages of the modern world. For instance, are my princely robes not on fleek? -Akeem

I rather enjoyed being on fleek. -Akeem

Akeem Quotes Coming 2 America

Y’all know my Play Station ain’t going nowhere. -Uncle Reem

True love is the bedrock of my kingdom. -Akeem

Walk your own path.  -Mirembe

We are undercover Africans. -Semmi

No child support for thirty years, and you came back? You is a dummy! -Morris

That’s Italian for mack daddy mentor. -Uncle Reem

That is not you talking. That is your father. -Lisa

Would you dare banish me from my own bedroom? Are you a fool? -Akeem
Do you see me hopping on one leg and barking like a dog? -Lisa

Best Coming 2 America Quotes

Hey Queen, I’m sorry I slept with your man. -Mary

Been getting that look my entire life. People writing me off because of the way I talk or where I’m from. -Lavelle

Princesses can be written off just as much as anyone.  -Meeka

No, you are the bait to switch. -Meeka

I want to thank you for releasing my sister from her canine curse. – General Izzi

I want a woman so black, when you make love you need a flashlight. -Morris

Let’s get these rings on these fingers before the all-day shrimp ends at Sizzler’s. I don’t even know why they call it all-day. It ends at 6 0’clock. -Uncle Reem

Look baby, it’s about the love, not the shrimp. -Mary

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