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Club runDisney Frequently Asked Questions

What is Club runDisney? Basically Club runDisney is a year-long paid-for membership featuring different levels of benefits for runDisney races including upgraded corral placement, guaranteed bibs (but with an asterisk), special merchandise, and other exclusive access. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about Club runDisney, including how much does it cost?

What is Club rundisney?

How Much does Club runDisney Cost?

There are three levels of Club runDisney membership – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Silver Membership costs $265.43, Gold Membership costs $478.63, and Platinum Membership costs $798.43. 

None of the memberships include any race bibs. All race registrations are separate.

What Benefits Come with each Club runDisney Membership?

What are the actual benefits in becoming a Club runDisney member? Here’s what runDisney says. 

Silver Membership

Benefits include+: 

  • Member Welcome Package*
    Member Jacket, Club runDisney Magnet, Membership Card
  • Tier 1 Pricing Year-Round for available runDisney Races**
  • Exclusive 2020 Club runDisney Virtual 10K – October 2020*
  • Club runDisney designation on race bibs**

Gold Membership

Benefits include+: 

  • All Silver Benefits
  • A guaranteed opportunity to purchase one (1) spot in the half marathon or greater distances each race weekend through early registration.***

Platinum Membership

Benefits include+: 

  • All Gold Benefits
  • A guaranteed opportunity to purchase one (1) spot in one distance each race weekend through early registration .***
  • Club runDisney Expo Experience including:
    Club runDisney Lounge with convenient Packet Pick-Up
    Early access to runDisney Merchandise Shop with special Character Meet & Greet opportunity
  • Upgraded corral placement

+All special offers and events are subject to availability and limited to the Club runDisney member. Events, dates and times are subject to change. Limited to individuals 18 years and older with a US mailing address that is not a PO Box or an APO Box.

*Member packages and Club runDisney Virtual 10K medals will be shipped to the physical address submitted during the event registration process.

Membership is valid October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021. Club runDisney benefits listed expire on September 30, 2021 unless otherwise noted. runDisney reserves the right to revoke the membership for any reason.

**Race registration is not included in the cost of Club runDisney and requires a separate purchase. Race registration is subject to availability on a first come first serve basis.

Club runDisney membership guarantees the cost of race registration will be the tier 1 price, it does not guarantee race registration is available.

***To access runDisney early registration offers, Club runDisney members must register through the special link provided by Club runDisney to the email address provided by the Member during the early registration window identified in the early registration email.

Offers are subject to change or termination without notice. Early registration is only available to the Club runDisney Member. All upcoming events, dates, times and prices subject to change.

Races are subject to age eligibility requirements. All races are subject to capacity limits and my close at any time. Registration fees are nonrefundable.

Are Club runDisney Registrations Limited?

Yes. Each Club runDisney level has a limited quantity of memberships available in a given year. Once a membership level is sold out, there will not be another opportunity to join at that level, however, you will have a limited opportunity to join the following year.

Can You Upgrade Your Membership?

Yes, but it’ll cost you. Memberships may be upgraded to a different membership level as long as the desired membership level is not sold out.

If the membership level is available, sign in to your runDisney account and select the membership you wish to upgrade to. Once you have selected the new membership level you wish to upgrade to, you will be prompted to pay the difference in registration price (if any) and then a transfer processing fee will be applied.

Can Your Purchase a Club runDisney Membership as Gifts?

No. You may not purchase a Club runDisney membership for other Guests.

How Does Upgraded Corral Placement Work?

Club runDisney members will receive an upgraded corral placement for each event they are registered. However, if a member already qualifies for a higher corral, they will remain in their higher corral. 

So if you’re already a Corral A or B runner based on time, then this wouldn’t likely benefit you. You can read more about paying for a better runDisney corral placement from Patty at No-Guilt Disney.

Are You Guaranteed Race Registration?

It sounds like you still have to semi-organized to get your guaranteed race registration.

To take advantage of your guaranteed registration, you must register and pay for the event within the designated early registration window for each individual event. If you do not register within the early registration window, you are not guaranteed registration in the event.

So purchasing a Club runDisney registration does not guarantee you an automatic bib. It gives you the opportunity.

When do Club runDisney Memberships go on sale?

Club runDisney memberships will go on sale on Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at 10 am ET, just prior to the start of the Princess Half Marathon Weekend.

Is Club runDisney worth the price?

Is Club runDisney Worth The Price?

Whether something is worth the price always depends on the things you value. If you’re a frequent runDisney runner, and know you run all the races each year, then this could definitely alleviate some stress, plus you get fun merchandise. 

If you think you’ll just one runDisney race, then I don’t think it’s worth the extra cost. You still have to have a qualifying time, you still are paying a registration fee on top of the club membership, and you can always pre-order some exclusive race weekend merchandise. 

If you’re a runDisney newbie, you can see if runDisney races are worth the cost to me. I love the running community and I do love running at the Most Magical Place on Earth. Now if they bring back Disneyland races, that would definitely up the value.

Club runDisney Frequently Asked Questions

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