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Is Clickbait on Netflix Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Clickbait on Netflix is ok for kids? Clickbait is rated TV-MA for language and smoking. While a bingeable series, Clickbait will be too intense for some kids and teens. Here’s what parents need to know in this Clickbait Parents Guide.

Netflix Clickbait Parents Guide

Clickbait Parents Guide

Nick Brewer (Adrian Grenier) appears one day in a video, holding signs that say “I ABUSE WOMEN” and “AT 5 MILLION VIEWS, I DIE.” The video goes viral and at first, his sister Pia (Zoe Kazan), thinks it’s a joke. But then the video is the only thing people can talk about anywhere on the internet and on the news. As his family tries to locate Nick and find out why this is happening, secrets about him begin to reveal themselves.

Why Nick? He seems like a typical family guy living in Oakland. He’s married to Sophie (Betty Gabriel) with two sons. His sister Pia and he haven’t been super close as of late, but she’s determined to find out what is going on. She can’t wait for the police, because she doesn’t believe this is a confession. As Pia tries to find out the truth, dating app profiles are uncovered, Nick’s family is being talked about and shunned, and maybe Nick isn’t who they thought he was. 

Why is Clickbait rated TV-MA? For harsh language and mature content like a masturbation scene.


There is a lot of language including sh*t, a**, damn, g-ddamn, bi*ch, and fu*k. There are also words of Deity used. 

Mature Content

Characters drink alcohol and use pills, other smoke marijuana. 

There is some sexual content including a scene which shows a woman masturbating while looking at photos. You can see her smiling and hear moaning. There is kissing and references to sex.  You can see a character’s internet history which includes the word pu**y. Characters are involved in an affair. You see a character in underwear, and the backside is shown, no explicit nudity. 

A character is found dead. Another character is shown with blood on his face. 

There is some violence where a woman is hit by her partner. 

Clickbait on Netflix ok for kids?

Is Clickbait Appropriate for Kids Under 16? 

The appeal of Clickbait is the mystery of it all. Who? What? Why? While there are certainly worse things on TV for kids and teens to watch, Clickbait is dark, and not exactly the most uplifting for kids who may already be in a dark place. 

Each episode focuses on a different character, allowing you to dig a tiny bit deeper into their lives. They do a great job of taking you down the rabbit hole as you try to figure out the puzzle pieces. I may not recommend Clickbait for tweens, but for adults, it’s a great distraction. 

Is Clickbait on Netflix kid friendly?

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