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Is Cinderella 2021 Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Amazon Prime Video’s 2021 Cinderella is ok for kids? Rated PG, it’s mostly kid friendly, but does have some salty language and innuendos. Many tweens will want to watch for Camila Cabello’s rendition of Cinderella. Here’s what parents need to know in this Cinderella 2021 Parents Guide.

Cinderella 2021 Parents Guide

2021 Cinderella Parents Guide on Amazon Prime Video

A new modern and fresh take on Cinderella’s story, Camila Cabello stars as Ella, an orphaned girl who lives with her stepmother, Vivian (Idina Menzel) and two stepsisters. Ella has dreams of opening up a shop to make and design dresses, but Vivian wants her to get married instead. When Ella meets a boy in the market, she needs a little bit of magic to meet him at the Prince’s ball to help her with her shop dreams. Turns out he’s the Prince. However, Ella isn’t ready to give up on herself just to be a future queen. 

Why is Cinderella (2021) rated PG?

Cinderella has some language and some sexual innuendos.


There is a use of sh*t, bloody, and a couple uses of hell. There are also uses of Deity like “oh g-d.”

Mature Content

There are some mature topics like death, family expectations, and feminism and classism.

There is some kissing.

A character refers to the “disgusting practice of making a son” as well as commenting about things “not working downstairs” when referring to a male. One of the mice comments “how do you think rats make more rats?”

Ella is often mistreated by her stepmother.

Is Cinderella on Amazon Prime kid friendly?

Is Cinderella (2021) Appropriate for Kids Under 10?

I’m all for adaptations that are different than the originals. Remakes often leave me disappointed when there’s nothing wrong with the original. However, I appreciated original songs as well as existing songs with different arrangements. Camilla Cabelo isn’t a bad actress, and many tweens and teens will enjoy seeing one of their favorite artists as the principal character.

Billy Porter steals the show as the Fabulous Godmother. He’s super extra, funny, and is a stark contrast from a typical Fairy Godmother. Although a couple of inappropriate jokes were thrown in for no purpose, Cinderella (2021) is kid-friendly for most children. Some younger ones may be bored if they’re not into the music. 

With a self-rescuing princess theme and a stepmother that isn’t quite as cruel as the original, Amazon Prime Video’s Cinderella is a welcome change. I enjoyed the songs with Cinderella quotes like, “If it’s a million to one, I’m gonna be that one,” teaching girls to chase their dreams.

If you’re a Cinderella purist, you’ll probably hate it. Some may not enjoy how it veers from the original story, but I’m all for it. 

Cinderella 2021 rated PG

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