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Best Quotes from Who Killed Sara on Netflix

Have you seen Who Killed Sara? on Netflix? This dramatic thriller is way juicier than a telenovela. I want to know the answer everyone is asking -Who Killed Sara? While we wait for Season 2, here are some of the best quotes from Who Killed Sara on Netflix from Alex, Cesar, Chema, and more. 

Best Quotes Who Killed Sara Netflix

Best Who Killed Sara Quotes on Netflix

Who Killed Sara? follows the story of Alex Guzmán on his quest for the truth. After being framed for his sister, Sara’s, murder 18 years ago, he wants revenge on who he believes is the real murderer – Rodolfo Lazcano and his family. Like with most murder-mysteries, things are not always what they seem.

Cesar is pure evil and Alex just wants to find out the truth and make the Lazcanos pay for what they did. Did I miss any of your favorite quotes from Who Killed Sara? Drop them in the comments below!

Also, check out this Who Killed Sara Parents Guide to see the age recommendations.

Natural selection doesn’t make mistakes. -César

Im more powerful today than I was 18 years ago. -César

Forgive me, mama. What I’m about to do is for my family and for you. I’m sorry. -Alex

I’m not the same fool you sent off to prison 18 years ago. -Alex

Alex Quotes Who Killed Sara

You don’t hurt the ones you love. -Chema

You think I’m scared of Alex? I was the killer. -Rodolfo

If you don’t want your enemy to strike back at you, you have to immobilize him. -César

If a mother doesn’t protect her children, who will? -Mariana

Very few of us are what we seem.

There’s no better way to destroy someone’s life than to uncover their secrets. -Alex

That’s the problem with knowing where a man’s sins are buried. His evil will bring yow down with him in the end. -Sergio

Nothing is illegal until you get caught. -César

Who Killed Sara Netflix

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