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The 12 Best Holidate Quotes to Make You Feel Better About the Holidays

Holidate is the anti rom-com that’s an actual rom-com. One of the reasons people are loving it is because dating around the holidays can be hard. These funny Holidate quotes will make you feel better about your life and realize, hey, maybe we’re all in this together.

Holidate Jackson Quotes


The Best Holidate Quotes

Fed up with being single on holidays, Jackson and Sloane agree to be each other’s platonic plus-ones all year long, but will that really work? Here are the best Holidate quotes from favorite characters Sloane, Jackson, Aunt Susan, and more!

You’d be surprised at the quality of men you can meet at the mall. -Aunt Susan

Your Aunt Susan brought at-the-mall Santa home, and your nephew just pooped in the manger. -Elaine

It’s called working remote, mother. -Sloane

He’s just my holidate. -Aunt Susan
A holidate? -Sloane
You know, a date solely for the holiday. No commitment. -Aunt Susan

I was a really big fan of the Today Show. -Shopper at Mall

Human beings aren’t meant to be alone on the holidays. -Jackson

Holidate Quotes on Netflix

Always date down. That’s what my sister said. I didn’t listen. -Sloane

Golf is like the least athletic sport on the planet. -Sloane

Guys don’t get other guys shams. -Jackson

I do enjoy drunk mocking strangers at parties. -Sloane

Holiday Quotes from Holidate Netflix

I could never date a professional clown. I’d never sleep. -Sloane

That speech was cockamamie. -Jackson

Did I miss any of your favorite quotes? Drop yours in the comments below!

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Tuesday 30th of November 2021

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