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The Best Quotes from Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar is just silly, ridiculous, and funny. If you want to have a good time, make sure to check it out. Here are some of the funniest quotes from Barb & Star go to Vista Del Mar from Barb, Star, Edgar, and more!

Best Quotes from Barb and Star

Best Barb and Star Quotes

Barb and Star are friendship goals. These middle-aged women are getting their grooves back and after losing their job decide to go on an adventure to Vista Del Mar! Packing a suitcase full of culottes, they find a little slice of paradise and a really attractive man who can perform dance numbers.

Although their friendship is tested when they start lying to each other, these Barb and Star quotes remind us this Valentine’s Day that we can love each other with all our farts. Check out this Barb and Star Parents Guide to see if it’s appropriate for kids.

Did I miss any of your favorites? Drop them in the comments below. 

Plain Pringles are just the best.

I love a man with a top hat.

It’s our talking couch.

Why don’t we fart on it?

Wait you come in here when the store is closed and host your Thanksgiving dinners?

We’re talking Tommy Bahama from head to toe.

Maybe something’s telling us to do something different.

Have you heard of travelers diarrhea?

I feel like we lost our shimmer.

All of our stories are from the past. We don’t have any stories from now.

Let’s throw caution to the wind like rock ‘n rollers.

To me a woman named Trish is a woman you can count on.
Trish, at Christmas, forget it, she buys a gift for everyone.

The air feels different here.
Smells like Red Lobster.

You could model for f-in Chicos. Or Costco. The Kirkland brand.

Funny Barb and Star Quotes

I’m Star. Short for Starbara.
So yours is Barbara?
Nope. Just Barb. Plain old Barb.

I like to make greeting cards, especially for the middle-aged, because we go through stuff.

I like looking at wicker but I don’t like sitting on it.

Go with your heart. Friends forgive.

Goodbye, Vista Del Mar you stupid place full of dummies.

I love you with all my fart.

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