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Avengers Half Marathon Weekend 2017

It’s fall, y’all! Maybe not technically, but it’s feeling like it here in Virginia. Fall brings in cooler temps which means greater desire to run. It also brings training runs for runDisney Avengers Half Marathon Weekend 2017, well Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend. I just can’t drop the Avengers out of loyalty to my favorite super heroes. I’m needing the motivation right now to keep me running, so let’s be honest, I’m running for the bling.

Have you seen the Avengers Half Marathon Weekend medals for runDisney? They're gorgeous!

Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend Medals 

Have you seen the medals for Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon and Thor 10K AND the Spider-Man 5K in Disneyland? I’m dying.

Currently I’m registered for the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge. That means I run a 10K (6.2 miles) one day and a half marathon the next day (13.1 miles). That’s a lot of miles. I’ve done it before, and I know I can do it again, I just have to put it in the work. Summer was full of traveling and eating good food. Labor Day was my January 1st. The kids are back in school, and I have no one to blame for not getting it done. Plus all these medals are mine.

For 19.3 miles of running, you can earn 3 medals for runDisney's Infinity Gauntlet Challenge during Avenger Half Marathon Weekend.

Thor 10K and Spider-Man 5K

As part of the Infinity Gauntlet Challenger, I get to run the Thor 10K! Do you know what I love more than Avengers Half Marathon medals? Medals that spin! One side is Thor’s Hammer, and the other side is….wait for it…

Attention everyone! A Loki medal for the Thor 10K at runDisney Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend!

LOKI!!!! Oh yes. He’s back in Thor: Ragnarok. My friends and I are definitely doing a Thor theme for costumes. The big question is classic Thor for me or Valkyrie? I feel like I owe Tessa Thompson mad props.

I've loved Tessa Thompson since her Veronica Mars days!

I’m regretting not running the Spider-Man 5K during Avengers Half Marathon Weekend, because of this beauty.

The Spider-Man 5K medal for runDisney's Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend. Are you running any races?

Sometimes you just can’t run them all. So this fall, I have a long run every weekend until November when it’s racing time. I’ll be enjoying the good running weather outside, but I may need to hit the treadmill if the rain comes. What does your fall running look like? Treadmill or pavement?

Link up with Patty, Marcia, and Erika for Tuesdays on the Run this week!

And don’t forget, my superhero fans, Thor: Ragnarok opens in theaters November 3! That music gets me every time.

Photo Credit: runDisney for medal photos

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Kimberly Hatting

Tuesday 5th of September 2017

Well, I"m in Iowa and we don't have those kind of super hero medals close by LOL I have to be on the road. I can do the 'mill if it's thunder and lightning (with heavy rain AND wind), but otherwise, I'm outside.


Tuesday 5th of September 2017

I am based in Botswana so we are heading into Summer now which means... I am back on the pavement!!! I struggle on the treadmill (which I had to do for most of our winter), so I am very excited!


Tuesday 5th of September 2017

Nice!I struggle with the treadmill, too. Happy summer running!