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Is 2 Hearts Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if 2 Hearts is ok for kids? Rated PG-13 for language and some sexual content, some teens may want to watch due to stars Jacob Elordi (The Kissing Booth 2) and Tiera Skovbye (Riverdale). Here’s what parents need to know in this 2 Hearts Parents Guide.

2 Hearts Parents Guide

2 Hearts Parents Guide

Based on a true story about Chris Gregory and Jorge Bacardi, 2 Hearts shows two different love stories happening in different years, but eventually intersect with hope and tragedy. Years earlier, Jorge saw Leslie, a flight attendant, and a whirlwind romance began. That same love at first sight feeling happened for Chris and Sam in college. Just as things feel like a fairytale, the universe has other plans. What do you do with your life when given a second chance? 

Is 2 Hearts kid friendly? I’d recommend it for ages 13 and up due to some mature content. Here’s what parents should know about 2 Hearts.

Is 2 Hearts kid friendly?


There’s not a lot of language, but there is one f-word and a “damn it.”

Mature Content

Some of the content may be difficult for children including illness and death. Discussion of organ donation is had.

There is also some sexual content with two people in bed, and you catch a glimpse of side boob under the sheets. Adults drink alcohol, and a ride buddy program brings home students who are drunk. One vomits outside a car.

Is 2 Hearts Appropriate for Teens?

Warning: I cried – a lot. This may be too emotional for some teens and sensitive hearts, but it is essentially a faith-based movie. There were parts that were slow and some disconnect in the way the two stories were told. Eventually they found their way to each other, but sometimes I asked myself, “What just happened?” 

It’s not the flashbacks that were confusing, they actually kept the story moving. It was just the lack of connection between the two couples that made it feel piecemeal. 

However, I do enjoy a Hallmark, sappy story. And when you add in a true story element, then call me a sucker. Yes, I did research the Bacardis and Gregorys afterwards, and you should, too. 

2 Hearts shares a message of life, and how we should live it. It’s a message of miracles, and right now we could all use a miracle, albeit a predictable one. 

If nothing else, please consider becoming an organ donor. 

Is 2 Hearts ok for kids?

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