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Is Yes Day Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Yes Day on Netflix is ok for kids? Yes Day is rated PG for some language and rude behavior. Is Yes Day kid friendly? For most kids, yes. It’s just silly fun. Sure things go off the rails at times, but kids would love a Yes day from parents. Here’s what parents need to know in this Yes Day Parents Guide.

Yes Day Parents Guide Netflix

Is Yes Day Kid Friendly?

In Yes Day, Allison Torres (Jennifer Garner) is an overprotective mom that feels like she’s always the bad guy. Her kids feel like she’s a fun-killer and when some teachers reveal things that have been said about her by her kids, Allison agrees to a “Yes Day.” She’s not allowed to say no (within reason) to what her kids ask for. 

Things start with eating a massive ice cream concoction resulting in diarrhea, then move onto a capture the flag game on steroids, into a Magic Mountain day that results in parents being arrested. Things go downhill quickly, but Yes Day shows the difficulties and joys of parenting. 

Kids may want to watch for Disney Channel and You star Jenna Ortega. She plays Allison’s 14-year-old daughter, Katie, who feels squelched by her mother’s discipline. 

Parents need to know that Yes Day is pretty tame for a Netflix movie and is appropriate for most ages.


There is no profanity in Yes Day. There are a few potty words like butt-ton, wuss, and “oh my g-d.”

Mature Content

There is some physical comedy that shows some characters being harmed like falling out of a tree and a fight between two people resulting in jail.

There is a conversation about girls meeting boys and a mom reading texts.

Young kids throw a party without parent permission and adult supervision.

There is a scene where characters teach a young girl to twerk (very innocently).

Is Yes Day Appropriate for Kids Under 8?

In an age where Netflix is completely missing the ratings on shows like Ginny and Georgia, Yes Day is a breath of fresh air. I’m begging for more family friendly content and at the very least Yes Day is family friendly. I’d recommend it for ages 8 and up. However, especially with a running time less than 90 minutes, you could even go younger. 

The premise of the movie is something that any parent can relate to. Shoot, sometimes I feel the worst mom when I say no to my kids. However, on the flip side, it is also part of the job. And that’s what also holds back Yes Day from being a fantastic movie. You have these kids essentially guilting parents into being more fun and into a day where they get to make all the decisions. But I didn’t really see Allison being a bad mother. 

Some of the jokes felt so forced that I had to groan. But then again, aren’t dad jokes eye-roll worthy? That’s what makes them so great. Take Yes Day for what it is – ridiculous family fun. Slow clap that Yes Day didn’t resort to really gross or crude humor or crossing the line and turning it into something inappropriate for kids. We need more family entertainment, so count me in for more Yes Days. 

Is Yes Day ok for kids?

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