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When Can You Use the Bathroom During The Marvels?

Wondering when you can use the bathroom during The Marvels? At 1 hour and 45 minutes, not everyone will be able to hold their bladders for the entire film. But luckily it isn’t too long. Here are the best times to run out during The Marvels and take a bathroom break (or run to the concession stand for a popcorn refill).

When to Use the Bathroom During The Marvels

When Can You Go to the Bathroom During The Marvels?

Since The Marvels isn’t extremely long, there isn’t a lot of filler. But there are still times you can run out to pee without missing too much of the film. Also, the plot isn’t completely streamlined, so there are random scenes that are funny but won’t cause you to miss the story.

If you do have to pee during The Marvels, then we recommend going after Ms. Marvel returns home the first time or when The Marvels arrive on Aladna. The beginning part is funny, but isn’t necessary for plot points. Or you can wait until they battle on Aladna if you’re not into fight scenes.

Another time to use the bathroom during The Marvels is when there is an explosion of Flerken. Adorable and weird, but again, not necessary.

Are There End Credit Scenes for The Marvels?

There is a mid-credit scene you don’t want to miss in The Marvels. You can leave for the bathroom right after that though, because there is no end credit scene. Just a tiny audio that isn’t worth staying for. 

Goose in The Marvels

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