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2022 Washington D.C. Temple Open House Information

The Washington D.C. Temple has been under renovation for years and is now open to the public until it is rededicated. If you’ve been to the temple ground to see the holiday lights, then you may have been curious as to what’s inside. Here’s your chance to visit the Washington D.C. Temple along with how to get your Washington D.C. Temple Open House tickets now through June 11, 2022.

Washington D.C. Temple Open House 2022

Washington D.C. Temple Open House 2022

From April 28, 2022 through June 11, 2022 the Washington D.C. Temple is open daily excluding Sundays, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Everyone of all ages is welcome inside to tour. Children and strollers are allowed, however service animals are not permitted.

How do you get tickets for the D.C. Temple Open House?

To reserve your parking ticket, visit this website.

The Open House is free but parking and shuttle tickets are required in order to access the parking lot or use the metro shuttle. They are for a 30-minute time slot. This does not mean you only have 30 minutes to tour the temple, it is to allow time for parking and make sure there is parking available for those who have a ticket.

If you do not plan to drive your own car and park or if you take public transportation, then you do not need to reserve a ticket to enter.

Washington DC Temple Parking for Open House

Do You Need a Ticket to Tour the Temple During the Open House?

No, you do not need a ticket to tour the inside of the Washington D.C. Temple. You only need to reserve a ticket if you are parking a car there.

Can You Take Pictures Inside the Washington DC Temple?

No photography or video recording is permitted in the Temple.

You can see pictures of the interior of the temple here.

DC Temple Celestial Room


What Can You Expect From the Tour?

It is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes as you tour the temple. It’s around a 40-minute, self-guided walking tour of the interior of the Temple walking from room to room, floor to floor, with over 150 stairs in between.  Elevators are available.

You will be asked to wear foot coverings only to protect the floors.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints hopes guests will feel comfortable, will recognize this is a very holy place, and be respectful in word and behavior.  At the end of the tour, there will be people available to answer questions outside the temple in multiple languages.

What a wonderful opportunity to be able to go inside the Washington D.C. Temple. When I was growing up, many friends would often ask me about this holy place. Like the temple video says, the ordinances performed inside are sacred, not secret. For those who have seen this beautiful building from the beltway, welcome to this holy place.