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Chris Hemsworth Praises Taiki Waititi as Beautiful, Mad Chaos for Thor: Love and Thunder

Taiki Waititi movies are different. They’re distinctive and unpredictable, and Thor: Love and Thunder is no exception. With Taika Waititi as director, you’re bound to get surprises and the cast is here for it. 

Not only is Taika the director, but he’s also Korg (shown below). Korg is hilarious and has some of the best quotes in Thor: love and Thunder

Taika Waititi as Korg in Thor Love and Thunder

When the cast of Thor: Love and Thunder was asked “what is a day with Taika as the director like,” here were their responses. 

Chris Hemsworth immediately answered “different. Chaotic, beautiful, mad, chaos. It’s just sort of uncomfortable.” He said it’s the best, a lot of improvisation, and a passion unrivaled. Nobody could ever accuse of Taika as not being passionate about his work and projects.

Hemsworth said, “It’s a journey of self-discovery and exploration and fun and wackiness. There’s music playing, and he’s standing behind the camera kinda giggling and ruining most of the takes.”

It’s all in the details. The Guns N’ Roses-esque soundtrack was a dream of Waititi’s. He joked that he aside from wanting to spend a whole of money on some songs, he wanted the whole aesthetic of the film to “be this bombastic, loud, colorful palette, which kind of reflected spray-painted panel vans in the eighties and rock album covers.”

Chris Hemsworth also said that everyone’s on board for it. And this his is why you get this spontaneity and unpredictable nature in any of Taika’s films. 

One of the storylines in Thor: Love and Thunder is a sort of jealousy love triangle between Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer that Jane Foster now wields), Stormbreaker (Thor’s new weapon), and Thor. It was a tad jarring for Thor to not only see his ex-girlfriend, but she also had his ex-hammer. When Stormbreaker caught Thor looking longingly at Mjolnir, then Stormbreaker would get angry, too.

Thor Jealous of Mjolnir

Taika said that the audience has to remember that the handle of Stormbreaker is made from Groot’s arm and Groot was a teenager when he did that. So he was having mood swings like an adolescent. 

Hemsworth said it was one of the funnest things they did in the film. There’s plenty more laughs in Thor: Love and Thunder, in theaters now. If you need a quick refresher, then check out these 5 movies to watch before watching Thor 4.