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The Traitors Parents Guide Review

Wondering if Peacock’s The Traitors is ok for kids? If your kids or family have ever played Werewolf or Mafia then this is a real-life version. With lying and backstabbing galore, is The Traitors kid friendly? For the most part, there’s nothing too salacious, and it’s an entertaining and fun show that keeps you guessing until the end. Here’s what parents need to know in The Traitors Parents Guide.

The Traitors Parents Guide

The Traitors Parents Guide

The Traitors is a murder mystery type game set in a Scottish castle where old reality show contestants mixed with real world people compete for a cash prize, but you have to be the last ones standing. Alan Cumming is the host, also known as the narrator, when I played Werewolf in my days. 

In the first episode Alan chooses 3 people to be the Traitors while the rest of the group are Faithfuls. Each night, the Traitors must “murder” a Faithful. During the day, the group must compete with each other to complete missions to add to their jackpot prize. Then the group must vote to cast off another group number, hoping to send off a Traitor. If they accidentally banish a Faithful, then their numbers will dwindle and the Traitors will win, eventually winning all the money while everyone else is sent home with nothing. 

Age Rating: Why is The Traitors Rated TV-14?

The Traitors is rated TV-14 for language and mature content.


There is some profanity in The Traitors where contestants say sh*t, bi*ch, and damn, but nothing excessive.

Mature Content: Is The Traitors too Scary for Kids? 

There is no sexual content in The Traitors.

The premise of the show is to lie and deceive people, especially if you’re a traitor. Some people are more comfortable with that role than others. Also some contestants get very emotional when they’re cast off or when they have to continue to lie to people.

Some of the missions can get a little morbid and perhaps too scary for young kids.

The Traitors Age Rating

Is The Traitors Appropriate for Kids Under 14?

In The Traitors you can expect some deceit, backstabbing, manipulation, and of course, lots of drama. To sum it up, The Traitors is kid friendly for ages 12 and up. Kids younger than that can also watch if they like a Survivor, Big Brother type of show. 

The Traitors is great for teens because you do have to use your brain while also enjoying the game play. And bonus, it’s not as trashy as The Bachelor. It also makes for great conversation discussing the moral conundrum whether lying is worth it in the end to win a game.

For the most part, The Traitors was knocking everything out of the park. I was into the entertaining and vivacious host (Cumming is hilarious, cheeky, and fabulous), good casting, and dramatic situations without being too cheesy, but just enough campy fun. Then the twist came that was forgivable, but the ending…oh that ending. It all came crashing down and just didn’t make any sense. 

Part of the blame was on the players, but another part was on the production and structure of the game. Iykyk. 

The Scottish highlands and castle add to the ambiance and the casting was spot on. There was something for everyone, from the loudmouths, to the cunning, to the more reserved, to the silly and a bit dim-witted. I was only familiar with a few of the players, and I enjoyed not knowing who everyone was. I would watch a spinoff with Brandi, Kate, and Reza.

I really hope in the future they add an element where you can see the reactions of the murdered and banished players to finding out who the Traitors were as well as to the outcome of the game. Since the ending was so unsatisfying (for this particular season), as a viewer I wanted some payoff at the end. 

I binged the whole season in a day, and for me, that’s a sign of a good show. The Traitors would be so fun to watch with a group of family and friends. Although you don’t have the mystery of guessing who the Traitors are as a viewer, yelling at the TV at some of the dumb decisions players make or trying to guess what the Traitors next moves are is also pretty entertaining. 

Watch The Traitors on Peacock for a delicious and dark reality show to see who will crack under the pressure of having to lie their way through the game. 

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