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Is M3GAN Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if M3GAN is ok for kids? This silly horror flick knows its audience. It may be too dark for kids, but M3GAN is a good choice for teens who love the genre. Here’s what parents need to know in this Parents Guide to M3GAN. 

Is M3GAN kid friendly

M3GAN Parents Guide

M3GAN is a marvel of artificial intelligence, a life-like doll programmed to be a child’s greatest companion and a parent’s greatest ally. Designed by brilliant toy-company roboticist Gemma (Allison Williams), M3GAN can listen and watch and learn as she becomes friend and teacher, playmate and protector, for the child she is bonded to.

When Gemma suddenly becomes the caretaker of her orphaned 8-year-old niece, Cady (Violet McGraw), Gemma feels  unprepared to be a parent. When facing pressure at work, Gemma decides to pair her M3GAN prototype with Cady in an attempt to resolve both problems. However, she doesn’t realize the consequences of that decision.

Age Rating: Why is M3GAN Rated PG-13?

M3GAN is rated PG-13 for violent content and terror, strong language, and suggestive references which means some content may not be suitable for kids under age 13. 

Language in M3GAN

There is some profanity in M3GAN including uses of sh*t, bi*ch, f*ck, a**, bullsh*t, damn, d*ck, and uses of Deity including “oh my g-d” and Jesus Christ.

Violence: Is M3GAN Too Scary for Kids?

Violence is pretty heavy in M3GAN, but is also somewhat comedic and ridiculous.

Many characters die and are attacked with tools.

There’s an especially gruesome scene where a character has an ear ripped off.

A nail gun goes through a character’s hand.

A character is hit by a car and some blood is shown.

Characters are stabbed by a blade from a paper cutter, hung from a cable, and attacked by a dog. There are some jump scares, bloody scenes, and violence against children. Other scary content includes dismemberment and slashing.

Mature Content: Is M3GAN Ok For Kids?

Characters drink alcohol.

Mature themes of death and grief are addressed. 

No sexual content or nudity in M3GAN.

M3GAN Parents Guide

Is M3GAN Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

In M3GAN you can expect to see a lot of kills, jump scares, some blood, mature content and violence, and profanity used by some characters. To sum it up, M3GAN is not kid friendly for younger kids due to the dark content, but may be appropriate for older teens. 

M3GAN is entertaining and silly fun. It stays true to the horror while maintaining its PG-13 boundaries. This may not sit well with horror purists, but it’s entertainment for the masses. And for those of you who aren’t into scary movies, then this will offer you scare without giving you nightmares for life. 

M3GAN will be too scary for some children and suspense is high, but like the Scream movies, campy horror fun can work.

The biggest issue with M3GAN is that it leaves a lot of questions unanswered and things unexplained.

Don’t expect too much, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this life-like doll with its own personality. 

M3gan too scary for kids

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