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The Best Disenchanted Movie Quotes

Have you seen Disenchanted on Disney+? This sequel has all of your favorite characters from Enchanted! Enjoy all these magical Disenchanted movie quotes from Giselle, Robert, Edward, Malvina, Pip, and more!

The Best Movie Quotes from Disenchanted on Disney+

It has been 15 years since Giselle and Robert were married. They have a new baby and Giselle wants to move to have a more fairy tale life. The suburbs aren’t quite what Giselle was dreaming of and she makes a wish that accidentally turns her into a villain. Now she needs Morgan’s help to save her and Andalasia. 

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This Disenchanted Parents Guide will give you some age recommendations for the sequel. 

Giselle Quotes Disenchanted

Life got so busy it felt like a sleeping curse fell on them every night. -Pip

Turns out New York wasn’t Giselle’s happily ever after after all. -Pip

I know change can be scary, but it can also be exciting. -Giselle

Your dwelling- are you poor now? -Edward

Does anyone in Andalasia just say stuff? -Morgan
Not if we can help it. -Giselle

We have dragons and ogre rebellions. -Nancy

Congratulations on increasing the size of your progeny. -Edward

Best Disenchanted Quotes from Edward

That’s not an adventure. That’s a landfill.

I feel superior to all living things. -Pip

We are like the apple of everyone’s whole face. -Malvina


Why is your alarm going off? It’s like yesterday outside. -Morgan

I’m not vain. I just look good in everything. -Giselle

I feel like a human get well bouquet. -Morgan

Memories are the most powerful magic of all. -Morgan

I never sing the right song anymore.

It was a little judgy. -Pip

I wished for a fairy tale life and it’s all gone terribly wrong. -Giselle

Who knew that being a villain could be so liberating? -Giselle

She is not my mother. She is my stepmother. -Morgan

We do whimsy very well. -Nancy

Isn’t it marvelous when two worlds come together in such harmony? -Malvina

Malvina quotes Disenchanted