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Is Stars Fell on Alabama Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Stars Fell on Alabama is ok for kids? Rated PG-13 for language, drug references, and mature content, this rom-com is more appropriate for teens. You can find it on VOD Here’s what parents need to know in this Stars Fell on Alabama Parents Guide.

Stars Fell on Alabama Movie Poster

Stars Fell on Alabama Parents Guide

STARS FELL ON ALABAMA follows successful Hollywood agent Bryce Dixon (James Maslow) as he returns to Alabama for the first time in 15 years for his high school reunion. When his friends give him a hard time about not being married or having children, he convinces his client, Hollywood starlet Madison Belle (Ciara Hanna), to pretend to be his girlfriend. 

But with any fake relationship, it’s going to get messy. He hasn’t exactly admitted to Madison that this was his plan, and the whole town is expecting Bryce, so the pressure is on.


There’s not a lot of language, a couple of uses of damn and a jacka–.

Mature Content

There are some shots of Bryce being a playboy type character in Hollywood – lots of girls in his car drinking and partying.

There are references to marijuana and growing weed.

Characters drink alcohol, and one drives while after heavily drinking.

There is kissing with implied sexual relations. No nudity involved. You do see characters with shirts off and there is a scene where friends go swimming and remove their clothing to bras and underwear. 

A married woman kisses another man. 

Stars Fell on Alabama Parents Guide

Is Stars Fell on Alabama Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

From a family friendly perspective, Stars Fell on Alabama isn’t bad. There are some questionable choices that characters make (see above), but overall, I’d recommend this film for kids 13 and older. I just don’t see younger kids having interest in the movie.

There are definitely some cliches like the big truck Bryce rolls up in, the “Roll Tide” that gets thrown around, and everyone being married with children as the standard. If you’re a Bama fan, then you’ll probably enjoy the Alabama love here.

Music from Taylor Hicks (remember American Idol) was a nice surprise as I always enjoyed his music and performances. 

Although Madison’s famous ex-boyfriend arrives to put a wrench in the high school reunion plans, there doesn’t seem to be too much conflict in this story, and maybe that’s the problem. Sure, some of the supporting characters still have to put up with the high school dirtbag as their boss or mayor, but other than that, the friend group has traditionally remained the same.

Stars Fell on Alabama kid friendly

Stars Fell on Alabama is for the hometown Alabama crowd. It has its issues, but it’s a cute Friday-night movie if you’re looking for something light and fun. These days that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A formulaic romantic comedy is exactly what some people are looking for. Roll Tide! (Just kidding, I’m a War Eagle girl).

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