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Is Moxie on Netflix Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Moxie on Netflix is ok for kids? Moxie is rated PG-13 for language, underage drinking, and mature content like rape. While this feminist, girl power film does deliver a rebellion, sometimes there are misses. Here’s what parents need to know in this Moxie Parents Guide.

Moxie Parents Guide

Moxie on Netflix Parents Guide

High School Junior Vivian (Hadley Robinson) usually likes to fly under the radar, until a new friend, Lucy (Alycia Pascual), arrives at school and challenges the status quo. And more so than in a High School Musical way. When Vivian is fed up after a rankings list (ranked for best rack, a**, most bangable, etc) makes its way around school again, she anonymously starts a zine called Moxie. This starts a movement in school where some students aren’t going to take the misogyny anymore. 

However, her best friend Claudia (Lauren Tsai), isn’t as vocal as Vivian, and the friendship is strained, especially when it seems Vivian has moved on with new friends. 

Why is Moxie rated PG-13? Parents need to know mature issues like rape, feminism, sex, and underage drinking are discussed in Moxie.


There is quite a bit of profanity in Moxie including at least 6 uses of sh*t, 6 uses of a**, many uses of a**hole (stickers saying “you’re an a**hole) are passed around, 2 uses of bit*h, and one use of fu*k. Also words like hell, di*k, ball buster, and words of Deity are used.

Mature Content

Feminism is a prevalent theme and there are many instances of chauvinism like girls getting dress-coded for wearing tank tops and a “rankings list” by males that ranks girls by physical features and things like “most bangable” or “most obedient.”

There is some sexual content where sex is talked about. Two characters make out in a car (male has his shirt off) and are about to have sex, but don’t. There are kisses between males and females and between two females.

Many teens are shown drinking alcohol at a party. Another teen gets drunk at a different time.

A character makes a joke about being pregnant. 

A male takes off his shirt and sits in a girl’s lap unwanted. Another character slaps a girl’s butt without permission.

A character talks about being raped. 

A principal brushes off accusations of harassment.

Is Moxie kid friendly on Netflix?

Is Moxie Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

I’d say PG-13 is an accurate rating for Moxie. I appreciated the tough issues balanced with the audience age its intended for, and it doesn’t cross the line like Ginny & Georgia and Tiny Pretty Things

Sometimes it feels like the feminism is being hammered over your head, and that’s because it is. But perhaps it’s because it’s forced to. There have been rankings and lists based on girls’ physical attributes since I was in high school which was a long, long time ago. And really, when is this crap going to stop?

Obviously sexism and misogyny haven’t gone away either, so now is the time for girls and women to take matters into their own hands, which is essentially what happens in Moxie. Director Amy Poehler does sprinkle in comedy to lighten the mood, but I also felt there were sometimes mixed messages. 

Let’s support women, but then let’s also throw in a joke that a tracksuit means a mom suffering from postpartum depression is having an affair with her son’s SAT tutor. It just didn’t make sense. And also the very important rape conversation was glossed over and felt misplaced. It felt insensitive.

Vivian, like other normal 16-year-olds, isn’t sure what her place is, and Moxie gave off that same vibe. Trying to balance the line between hard core feminist and teenage coming-of-age film is difficult, and that’s where Moxie struggles.

However, kudos to writing in a supportive male character who isn’t a jerk and is basically boyfriend goals. Nico Hiraga, plays Seth. He isn’t a doormat, and he’s a nice guy. We need more of those. 

In one of Moxie’s quotes, Claudia says, “Moxie? What is she, like a hundred years old?” after her principal refers to some cheerleaders as having moxie. Count me in as old, because these girls, they do have moxie, and I’ll take that any day. While Moxie has some issues, it’s worth a watch. 

Moxie rated Pg-13

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